A lot of oily-skinned individuals skip putting on moisturizer either because it can feel sticky or it can make them look shiny. It can be a pain looking for the right moisturizer. I know that for a fact since I used to be one of them. Well, I still try out different kinds of moisturizers. I guess that’s the beauty geek in me that pushes me to try various skincares and makeups all the time. 😀 Here a review of the new Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Moisturizer for Combination/Oily skin. Note that the Pond’s Age Miracle line has day moisturizers for normal/dry skin and for sensitive skin. This review is for the combination/oily skin variant.


Product Information

Helps renew skin cells so rapidly, age simply cannot catch up. Use daily for visible reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and age spots- in just 7 days.

I love it because…

  • it comes in a pump packaging. For sanitation purposes, I like pumps more than dipping fingers in a jar.
  • it’s not sticky, even right after application. It’s absorbed by the skin in an instant.
  • it feels silky or velvety when applied.
  • it has SPF15 PA+++.
  • it’s a light moisturizer, perfect for those with combination or oily skin. As said earlier, Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream is also available in two other formulations- for normal/dry skin and for sensitive skin.
  • it’s the new and improved Pond’s Age Miracle with Cell ReGEN, which helps renew skin cells rapidly.
  • it has a nice floral scent. This can be a turnoff to some though.
  • I can also use it as a night cream. During the launch of the new Pond’s Age Miracle, Dr. Helen said that this day cream can also be used at night by oily-skinned individuals who are looking for a light moisturizer.
  • I don’t breakout. Not all of Pond’s variants work for me. Just like any beauty product, what works for me may not work for others, and vice versa.
  • it’s affordable at PHP 649 for a 50ml pump of Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream. Anti-aging products can be really pricey. It’s hard to find an anti-aging cream that works for less than a thousand pesos.

I wish…

  • it doesn’t have shimmers. I’m not really bothered by them since they’re not that obvious. They’re very light, like a “pearlized” cream. Besides, I put makeup on top. It’s just that not all are a huge fan of shimmers as they can have the tendency to make the face look oily.
shimmers not obvious in the photo below
  • it’s easy to control the amount of moisturizer coming out. Yes, I love that it’s in a pump packaging, as I mentioned above. The downside of it though is it’s quite hard to control the amount of cream coming out. No matter how light you press, it’s like a one whole pump.

Application Tips

  • Use daily after cleansing and toning.
  • Apply sunblock after putting on the moisturizer. SPF15 PA+++ isn’t enough.
  • If you find Pond’s Age Miracle Night Cream too thick for your combination/oily skin, you can opt to use this Day Cream for a light formulation.


A lot of people have been raving about Pond’s Age Miracle, but this is actually the first time I tried a product from this range. Looking at my review above, obviously, I’m very satisfied with the product. I love how light and velvety it feels on my skin! Heavy moisturizers can make my face excessively oily, which I hate the most. Of course, I still get oily, but definitely not like the oiliness I get with thick creams. Another plus, it’s not just an ordinary moisturizer. It has anti-aging benefits that I crave for. It’s quite hard for me to get satisfied with anti-aging products as they are usually made for normal to dry skin. They normally have thick formulation, making my skin too oily. Thankfully, Pond’s Age Miracle made an anti-aging cream especially for combination/oily skin.

I couldn’t vouch for its promise of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and age spots reduction in 7 days as I still see my visible lines. They may have lightened, but it’s not an obvious difference in my case. I guess anti-aging products are made to slow down aging and not really to erase those lines completely. Also, I couldn’t really review its anti-aging effectiveness now. Maybe I’d know in a few years. Hehe! But when it comes to the moisture my skin gets, it’s definitely the right amount that my already-oily skin needs.

For those with combination/oily skin who are looking for a light moisturizer and value for money, this Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream variant is worth a try.

Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream for combination/oily skin is available at all leading department stores, drugstores, public market stalls, groceries, and personal care stores nationwide.