It’s no secret how much I love to shop – online shopping included.  With the growing number of online shops and group buying sites, my online purchases have broaden from clothes, shoes, and bags to gadgets, restaurant vouchers, airline tickets, salon vouchers, home decors, etc. Everything can simply be bought online, which I find really convenient.  And with my BDO Credit Card on hand, online shopping can now also be easy-on-the-pocket!

BDO’s Online Installment option (absolutely 0% interest!!!) allows me to enjoy online shopping to the fullest. Most of the time, online shops offer better promos, which are not available in their boutiques making my shopping experience really worth it. Thinking about it, I can somehow save up on my gas too. I don’t have to jump from one mall to another if I’m searching for something. Yes, I used to do that. I mall-hop from north to south until I find that “something”. Yeah, someone’s a serious shopper here! LOL! Now, thankfully everything is just a click away! I would admit, I got addicted buying those great online deals almost everyday. Who wouldn’t?! If I know I’ll be using those discounted vouchers in the future, why not take the opportunity to save and buy now? I may love shopping, but I have to say, I’m also a smart shopper. If I can save, why not?! The big surprise happens though when I receive my credit card bill. As much as I want to get more savings through my purchases on deal sites, I realize I have to pass on some and prioritize what I will only use NOW. I don’t want to get shocked every time I open my billing statement! C’mon who wants that?! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only smart shopper here who understands me.

With BDO’s 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months online installment terms, I won’t have to pass up on greater savings. I can go on and buy my fashion and beauty needs, restaurant vouchers, home decors, vacation deals, etc. all in one go! I won’t have to wait for my savings until I get my dream gadgets or bags too! With their zero online installment plan, offered exclusively to BDO Credit Cardholders until December 31, 2012, everything’s actually made affordable for us. To avail of their Absolutely Zero Percent Installment promo offer, cardholder must use their BDO Credit Card for their online purchase and meet the spend requirement of PHP 3,000 per transaction.

*Excluded card products – BDO Corporate, Commercial, Tie-up & CUP credit cards.

** Participating merchants have sole discretion of product/s, term/s and amount applicable to Absolutely Zero Percent and Regular Installment.

Here are the participating merchants of BDO Credit Card Online Installment promo:


For more information on their Online Installment promo, visit the BDO website.

There are more perks when your BDO Credit Card is used for online transactions. They have Online Treats, where you can get free SM Cinema voucher when you shop online anywhere. More details about it HERE.

You can also avail special discounts, exclusive deals and freebies at different shopping websites through their Online Exclusives. More details about it HERE. BDO Credit Card is making online shopping even more worth it!

 This is a sponsored post.