In these modern times, blogging has been an essential part of our everyday lives. Not necessarily that everyone writes or has a blog, but most of the time we all read blogs, right? We imbibe into our daily habit maybe a couple of minutes (or even hours!) to be updated with what our favorite bloggers have to say. It could be their newest restaurant around the block, or a mall sale that will happen in the next few days. Whatever that is about, we have this urge to be on the know and read up blog entries online.


Thing is, our habit of reading blogs sometimes get into conflict with our other daily activities. Sometimes, we just don’t have much time to bring out our laptops and read up on our favorite blogs. Don’t you just hate that? That is why Nuffnang X suddenly came into the blogosphere picture.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it from some bloggers, or chanced upon a tweet that mentioned Nuffnang X. You’ve probably seen my new “Follow Me on Nuffnang X” badge on my sidebar too. But, what is Nuffnang X???


Nuffnang X is a social blog stalking mobile application that lets you three amazing things:

1. Find new blog reads
There are thousands of blogs out there with interesting content, and whatever your interests, NuffnangX hand-picks blogs to suit your reading preferences. Whether it’s about fashion, technology, or what not, NuffnangX has new reads just for you.

2. Follow your favourite blogs.
With the patent pending technology that the NuffnangX app has, thousands and thousands of words are being summarized on each blog entry on your feed to a single line that is known as the elevator pitch. It helps you decide whether a blog is interesting enough for you to read it. Awesome, right?

3. Communicate.
NuffnangX devised a way to simplify the commenting process on blogs by using NuffnangX Conversations. It allows seamless conversations between bloggers and readers, making engagement very easy and accessible.

All of these things you can experience in just one click of a button. On top of all that great perks that you get from NuffnangX, the app is absolutely FREE to download! You can download NuffnangX on the Apple app store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Visit for more details.

(Meanwhile, you can follow me on NuffnangX!! Just click on the “Follow Me On NuffnangX” badge on my sidebar. :-))