For those who know me, you know I’m not really into writing. So, why did I become a blogger? Well, it’s because of peer pressure. I started blogging when most of my friends were into it and started pressuring me to join the club. They wanted me to share my love for fashion, beauty, and travel. I guess I have them to thank for pressuring me to get into blogging. I am really loving what I do now! I love sharing my interests to the world! Haha! Of course, Lush Angel started slow. There were times when I fail to post articles for days. I also have had my share of criticisms but all these did not stop me from blogging. They served as challenges. It made me strive to continue Lush Angel.

And because I was determined to continue my little blog, it opened a lot of opportunities for me. I have to say getting into blogging has been one of my good choices in my life. My blog introduced me to newfound friends. It opened my career into being an entrepreneur and makeup artist. It also allowed me to travel. Now, I am happy living a busier life. 🙂 I attend events. I join bazaars. I travel in and out of the country. All these are even aside from my business and day job. I may be such a busy bee, but I love everything that I do!



Despite my busy schedule, I see to it I stay connected. Keeping in touch with loved ones would mean the need to have a reliable service provider. It would mean having fast, reliable internet connections. It would mean having a broad range of coverage. It would mean having reliable connections anytime, anywhere.

With Sun Cellular I can BBM my friends while I’m in an event. I can check my blog, Facebook and Twitter wherever I am. I can now call and text as long and as many as I want to anytime, anywhere. Sun Cellular practically gives me everything I need to stay connected- which a blogger definitely needs. This is the reason why Sun Cellular is also my good choice.


In every aspect in life, staying connected is important: connected with news, events, friends, and family. Sun Cellular made it possible for me.

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