A few weeks ago, Plains and Prints launched their newest endorser at Glorietta activity center. I’ve actually featured about the perfect partnership of Anne Curtis and Plains and Prints in THIS POST.


Glorietta was really packed that Friday afternoon as everyone wanted to get a glimpse of this darling. 😀 We all waited for more than an hour, but the crowd found it all worth it when she came up the stage. She indeed has that unexplainable charm, don’t you think?! 😀 Okay, I’m now a fan. Hehe!



She started by doing what she loves to do on stage… SINGING! Haha! She may not have the most beautiful voice, but for some reason, Anne has that natural charisma that can make one smile. 😀


She wore a stunning ensemble from Plains & Prints’ new Pre-Fall Collection.

“I find in the brand a lot of options that I’d wear every day to different functions, whether for a daytime show or late-night affair. I prefer feminine cuts and silhouettes, and Plains & Prints works for me because their clothes really complement my personal style,” Anne shares.

“I love experimenting with fashion and I’m one who enjoys wearing the latest trends,” she says. “But as I’ve already become more confident and comfortable with what my personal style is, I’ve decided to stick to pieces that best represent me, and I find these in Plains & Prints.”


Plains & Prints owner and founder Roxanne Ang Farillas notes, “Anne’s personality and lifestyle reflect what the brand stands for—she’s young, fresh, and fashionable. And she’s the type of woman who can go for different styles and trends, but still retain her smart and sophisticated image.”


Congratulations Plains and Prints and Anne Curtis for a perfect partnership! 😀 Know more about the Pre-Fall collection of Plains and Prints in my Anne Curtis for Plains and Prints post.

Check out Plains & Prints’ must-haves at the branch nearest you, or shop online at www.plainsandprints.com.

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