The brand, Vaseline, has probably been a staple in most households since the discovery of petroleum jelly to remedy skin problems. In the past 140 years, Vaseline continued to add products under its brand- from petroleum jelly, to moisturizing lip therapy, and range of lotions. This year, you’ve probably seen advertisements of the newest addition to Vaseline’s line of products- Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion. Yes, you read that right- “Instant”! So, does it really work? Read on.


Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion promises fairer and even-toned skin IMMEDIATELY. This is possible because of the microreflectors in it. Aside from this main ingredient, it has Vitamin B3 to whiten skin overtime. It also has triple sunscreen for protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

I tried it on my skin, but since I already have fair skin, I didn’t see much difference. It won’t stop me from using Vaseline Instant Fair though since I love how it leaves my skin moisturized without the sticky feeling. It doesn’t sit on top of my skin. In a matter of seconds, the lotion is easily absorbed. I also love lotions with sunscreen. I don’t normally apply sunblock on my body everyday, but I can never live without lotions. Right after shower, lathering lotion all over my body is the first thing I do. Using lotions with suncreen during the day is a must for me! And if you’re wondering about the microreflectors, they’re not like glitters or shimmery particles. They actually help in making skin look young and glowing. šŸ˜‰

Of course, I was really curious if this could actually whiten skin in an instant so I had to test it on my morena friend. Well, true enough, the patch on her arm where I applied the lotion looked a bit fairer. I also noticed that the difference is more visible under white light than yellow light.


Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair 100 ml – PHP 110
Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair 200 ml – PHP 190
Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair 350 ml – PHP 299

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