We usually have our favorite combos on almost anything – color, fashion, food, makeup, etc. Sometimes, we even choose them unconsciously – pairing black with white, jeans with tank top, mascara with eyelash curler, kare-kare with shrimp paste and so on, probably because we are used to them or we simply feel they are the perfect pair. For today, I thought of sharing my favorite combos.

Being a beauty blogger, I’ve always been asked about my favorite makeup product. I would always answer- concealer. But in reality, you can’t really just apply concealer if you want it to last. You need powder to set the concealer, making concealer-powder my favorite makeup combo. Having even, flawless skin is always my priority when applying makeup. Concealer instantly brightens the under eye area. Even without 8 hours of sleep, you can look fresh with the power of concealer. And of course, to prevent the concealer from melting and creasing, patting with powder on top is a must. Honestly, I can forget about lipstick, blush, and everything else, as long as I have that perfect skin the moment I step out of the house. In fact, on days I feel I have good skin, I even leave without any makeup on. Remember, you also need to let your skin breathe every now and then! 😉


How about my favorite color combo? When it comes to fashion, it’s quite obvious with most of my OOTD posts- black and white. You can’t go wrong with it. It’s simple, yet classy. You can easily add fun to the look by throwing in colorful accessories.


And when it comes to upgrading my current Smart Prepaid promo, I have a new fave combo that’s bank for the buck! It’s Unli Call & Text 100 and FB2. Unli Call and Text 100 lets me enjoy unlimited calls and texts to Smart/ TNT subscribers and 80 texts to all other networks for 4 days for only PHP 100! And for days I need to go online on Facebook, I subscribe to their newest unlimited Facebook promo for just PHP 2! 😀 You can easily avail the #SmartUnliFB2 if you are registered to an existing Smart prepaid promo and by sending the text FB2 to 6406. For more details on Smart FB2 promo, read the details HERE.


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