One of the things I hate to pack whenever I travel is towel. It’s just too bulky and heavy. It takes up too much space inside the bag. Well, I discovered Atlas Towels during our Sample Room BBQ getaway and I feel it’s very useful for travelers, like me. It was love at first use! Haha! Honestly, when I first saw the towel, I didn’t want to use it. It’s not the usual towel we’re all used to. It’s microfiber, which was like a cleaning cloth for me. And when I first tried it, it didn’t feel right. My skin was looking for the long fibers of a regular towel. But then, I was impressed. Why?


  • Dries quickly. It’s impressive how this towel dries very quickly. I wouldn’t have problems packing it inside my bag. It’s very convenient for people on the go.
  • High absorption. It’s absorption is exceptional compared to regular cotton towel. It absorbs water fast.
  • Lightweight and compact. Aside from the fact that it dries quickly, this makes it an ultimate travel towel! It’s very lightweight and it somehow doesn’t take up space! It’s thin even when it’s folded.
  • Easy to hang. It has button hook on its edge so you can hang it anywhere.
  • Carry bag. It comes with a mesh carry bag to make packing even more convenient.


To give you an idea how big their bath towel is, I folded the towel into half and placed books and bottles on top.


Now, see why I called it a “travel towel”? I’m just so happy that I discovered Atlas Towels! I’ve always wished someone would invent something like this – light, compact, and absorbent towel. Packing a towel has never been this easy! Finally!!! 😀

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