Remington has finally arrived in the Philippines. For those who are not so familiar with this brand from UK, they are famous for their personal care small appliances for hair care, grooming, depilation, and shaving. Remington has been around for more than 70 years and is now present in 85 countries.


When I told my friend I’m going to an event of Remington, the first thing he said was “the shaver?” Well, the product line of Remington for shaving is one of the most popular in the world. Remington shavers are developed in United States and Europe and are known to be innovative and highly-efficient. With their shavers and body hair trimmers, one can choose shaving lengths –from smooth to one-inch stubble.

Remington also has depilation for the women. What made me really excited is their Intense Pulse Light machine for home use! I wonder how that works!

And of course, Remington also has hair care line, like hair curlers and iron, which are said to be less harmful than other heat styling tools in the market.

I love curling the ends of my hair since I have stick straight hair. The problem with curling the hair frequently is it gets damaged and brittle. The ends of the hair become frizzy. I usually notice this the day after I curl – when I’ve already washed my hair. This made me limit my hair curling sessions. Besides, I also spend so much time styling my hair using my curling iron. For some reason, the curling iron I have at home takes me a longer time to curl my hair.


Before I went to the Zalora Night Out, I decided to try out my new Remington Pro Spiral Curl. And oh my, I think I found my best friend hair curler! Read on for my Remington Pro Spiral Curl review.


Inside the box are the following: Remington Pro Spiral Curl Tong and instruction manual. You’ll need an adaptor for the plug to fit in our socket here in the Philippines.


It has rotating cord. There’s no need to worry that the cord would get tangled while curling the hair.


There’s an on and off switch and heat can be adjusted. Oh, and it only takes 30 seconds for this iron to heat up as soon as you plug it!


The handle is easy to hold and the hair curler itself is not heavy. My arms usually get tired even before I finish curling my hair. I didn’t feel this when I used Remington Pro Spiral Curl. The hair curler itself is lightweight.


My hair can be stubborn at times. Some curling irons do not emit enough heat, which means it takes a longer time for my hair to get curled. When I tried Remington Pro Spiral Curl, I was surprised that I was able to curl my hair quickly. Plus, my hair stayed curled the whole night! I didn’t have to use any hair product to hold the curls.


I also noticed my hair is less frizzy compared to the curling iron I normally use. This means it’s less damaging, probably because of the barrel’s protection coating.

I’m really happy with Remington Pro Spiral Curl. I find the curls a bit too tight though since this is a 19mm barrel, which is really intended for tight curls. I have yet to try a bigger barrel next time to achieve loose curls. For now, I can easily finger comb the curls to loosen them up.


Here’s a list of Remington products with their respective prices.



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