Since I already posted a little bit of my summer getaway in Donsol, Sorsogon in these posts: Forever Summer and Cagsawa Ruins, let me share what my friends and I did to keep us entertained. Who said you can only do whale shark watching and island hopping there? Our Dubsmash craziness was one of the highlights of our trip. I shared some of these on Instagram, but here are all the videos we did. Enjoy watching! 😀

I spent the afternoon looking for Dao Ming Si! (Meteor Garden fans surely know this scene)

We didn’t just see a whale shark! We saw a mermaid on top of a whale shark! Haha!

And my peg for my Little Mermaid production? Here you go…


photo from

Yes, I know we’re crazy! 😀 People were probably wondering what I was doing on top of the sculpture (which was located at the entrance of the resort) with my friend carrying a bucket of water (which we got from our room, by the way).

And here are the minions…

Of course, if there’s Little Mermaid, my friends went for a “magic carpet ride”. HAHA!

Now, what made us go crazy? Well, we just had way too much fun. Honestly, we spent our first morning in Donsol looking for whale sharks, but unfortunately, we were unsuccessful. When we got back to the resort, we tried to entertain ourselves to forget our “depression”. And the result? SUCCESS! Full prod Dubsmash! Haha! Well, that’s what we call “entertainment everywhere” and that’s the #SmartLife! Thanks to Smart for keeping us connected and entertained all throughout our trip. The happy memories – from choosing songs or lines through the Dubsmash app, to acting out our crazy “production” ideas, to uploading our videos on Facebook and Instagram and reading funny comments from friends, made the trip one for the books.

Smart just makes it all possible to keep us entertained whenever and wherever we may be. The moment I wake up, I’m already on Instagram to help me get out of bed. When I need to concentrate while blogging, I use Deezer or Spinnr for my music. And to keep me relaxed after a stressful day or if I just want to chill, there’s iflix –  a video-on-demand service that lets me watch movies and TV shows for Php 99/month (special price for PLDT/Smart subscribers). I can even link up to five devices to my account, letting me experience entertainment in multiple platforms wherever I am. (Check out for more information). Lastly, to keep me entertained when I’m not at home (which is most of the time), I enjoy 9 new live broadcast channels from Fox International using my mobile phone. My life has definitely become more entertaining and easier with just a few clicks. Thanks to #SmartLife!

Anyway, I hope my friends and I were able entertain everyone with our Dubsmash craziness! ‘Til the next (let’s see… Haha)!

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