There are a number of reasons why one chooses an inactive lifestyle – laziness, time, and the list could go on and on. But there’s one usual excuse I almost always hear from the ladies, “I have my period.” I would agree though that most of the time it’s so hard to move around, especially with the worry of that sudden gush that could cause leaks. I also feel heavy, as if I can’t do anything physical. In fact, I remember my grandmother telling me to rest during my heavy days, that is, the first two days of menstruation. But should you really treat it like “sickness”? The answer: NO!

During my heavy days, I used to just lounge inside my room. I can’t even drag myself to go shopping. Then a few years ago, I tried working out even if I had my period. Surprisingly, I liked it! Dragging myself to the gym is probably the hardest, but when I’m at it, I feel good. It even gives me the energy I need for the entire day. I do get cramps, but moving around actually helps me forget about the pain. It made me realize that the more I lounge inside my room, the more I get the feeling of being “sick”. Having menstruation shouldn’t stop me from being active. It shouldn’t stop me from doing what I want to do.


But of course, I also do understand the worry you feel on your heavy flows. You try to move around less to avoid any leaks, thus stopping you from being active. Most of us normally use a regular pad whenever we get our period. But do you know that it’s better to use a heavy flow pad on the first two days when 70% of fluid loss come out? Modess All Night pad absorbs 25% more liquid. Remember, using the correct pad will also help us to stay active during our period since we don’t have to worry about the sudden gush.

So, until our next girl talk!

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