A few weeks ago, Starmobile launched its latest smartphone – the Starmobile Knight Elite. For those who love to take photos, you must take a look at this! Why?


Well, Starmobile Knight Elite is proud of its Star Cam feature, which can ReFocus, Chroma Flash, and Opti Zoom.


  • ReFocus lets you choose the focal point of your shot AFTER you’ve taken the photo. Yes, that’s not a typo. It was demonstrated in front of me. You can select which object you want to focus to and blur the rest – even after taking the photo. How? It simultaneously takes five photos at varying lengths then compress them into a single file.
  • Chroma Flash is helpful when taking photos in low-light environments. It takes two photos in rapid succession, one with flash and one without, and combines them into a single photo. The result: natural-looking skin tones!
  • Opti Zoom shoots multiple photos simultaneously to ramp up the texture and sharpness of your zoomed-in pictures. Results are clearer and less noise compared to regular digital zoom.

So yes, you’ll easily get Instagram-worthy photos with Starmobile Knight Elite’s camera.


I held on the phone and surprisingly, it was light. For some this may be a con, but for those who are looking for a really light smartphone, then this is for you.

Other features: Corning Gorilla Glass for the front and rear panels; 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset with LTE connectivity; 2 SIM slots; Micro SD slot


The Starmobile Knight Elite with Star Cam is only PHP 9,990 (inclusive of a free phone case and screen protectors). For more information, check out www.starmobile.com or facebook.com/starmobilephones.

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