Yes, there are so many exciting things happening at Benefit and I’m quite sure the benebabes are extremely busy (and exhausted) as everything’s happening all at the same time. Well, as early as now, I’d like to congratulate the Benefit girls for a successful year! Today, I’m sharing with you all the exciting news from Benefit Cosmetics- the Benefit SM Megamall Opening, the most-awaited Holiday Sets, and the new Bling Brow!

Benefit SM Megamall

First up is Benefit Philippines’ newest branch at SM Megamall. This is actually Benefit’s biggest store in Southeast Asia! Whoa!


The opening overflowed with pink and white balloons, sweets, and of course, makeups! Oh, and I forgot about the boys… Sorry but beauty first before boys! LOL! Anyway, here’s a quick tour around the store. The boutique is really spacious – I could do a cartwheel.


There’s a long makeup counter, which has all the testers of all the Benefit products, in the middle of the store.

Rima and I can’t get enough of Benefit productsrima-ostwani

Then, surrounding it are shelves where all the products are displayed.


This branch has two brow bars too.

And to help which Benefit products to get, here’s a “cheat sheet” to easily achieve the look you want…benefit-beauty-cocktails

Benefit Holiday Sets

During the Benefit SM Megamall opening, I spotted the most-awaited Holiday Sets for this year. Getting all Benefit must-haves in one set is surely bang for the buck! Check them out below.

your b.right! to party skin care set: Total Moisture Prep Facial Cream, Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, Porefessional Sample, Instant Comeback Serum sample, and Dream Screen sample.


Pret-A-Party set: Benetint, They’re Real Mascara, Fake-Up Concealer sample, and Porefessional Sample.


My ultimate favorite from all the sets – REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette, which contains EIGHT cheeky faves, including our bestselling lengthening mascara and award-winning bronzer! Includes: dandelion face powder, hoola bronzer, CORALista face powder, rockateur blush, sugarbomb face powder, watt’s up! highlighter, they’re real! lengthening mascara in beyond black, and they’re real! push-up eyeliner in beyond black.


There are also other sets worth checking out. I specifically spied on the Operation: Pore-Proof, which includes the POREfessional deluxe sample, the POREfessional: agent zero shine deluxe sample, the POREfessional: license to blot deluxe sample, dr. feelgood deluxe sample, and shy beam deluxe sample (a sneak peek of this product before the actual size hits Benefit stores)! Shy Beam is a nude pink matte-radiance highlighter which can enhance the cheeks and brow bones.


Benefit Bling Brow with Jared Bailey


The first time I met Jared Bailey, Benefit’s Global Brow Expert, was during the Bling Brow launch last year, which you can read more about here –Benefit Bling Brow. This year, he went back for the launch of the new Bling Brow, which you’ll see later on.


Before the actual event, I had the chance to meet Jared up close and personal in an intimate lunch together with the Benefit girls and few beauty bloggers. My oh my! He’s so hilarious! He shared how much he loves the Philippines and his food trips. He’s practically game to try out anything – even balut (boiled duck embryo)! He also gave a gist on how he ended up in Benefit Cosmetics coming from the financial industry (Hmmm… sounds exactly like me – from finance to beauty). He dropped everything to discover and chase his dreams. Well, look where he is now! From someone who doesn’t know anything about makeup, he’s now the Global Brow Expert of Benefit Cosmetics. Bottom line: As long as you love what you do and work hard for it, you’ll surely work your way to the top! He now has the amazing job of traveling all over the globe to share his secrets on how to have that perfect brows!

Anyhoo, since he is considered the expert when it comes to brows, I didn’t miss the chance to ask him his ONE favorite brow product from Benefit Cosmetics. I’m sure most ladies would love to know that too! His answer?! If he had to choose only one, it would be Benefit’s Gimme Brow! (You can read my review of it here: Benefit Gimme Brow Review)

After the fun chat with Jared, we headed to the actual event. Since it’s all about blings, we first had the chance to create our personalized charm lockets from Sweet Charms Manila. Gaaah! I didn’t know it would be that hard to choose those little charms. I want them all! Haha!


Then, we got to try the new Bling Brow. If you feel last year’s Bling Brow was a little over the top, this is more subtle YET still looking glam. With all the Christmas get-togethers and parties happening left and right, I feel this would be the perfect accessory – even if you’re just wearing your trusty LBD! Benefit has the Limited Edition Holiday Brow and Lash Service, giving both the brows and lashes the royal treatment.

Brilliant Brows – an eye-catching set of Swarovski crystals to illuminate and lift the brow.

Pop o’ Previous – A solitary Swarovski crystal for a subtle sparkle.

Flashy Lash – A shimmering set of Swarovski crystals to light up the lash line.

My favorite would be the Flashy Lash. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try it that time since I had to do something right after the event, which required my plain face. LOL! So, I ended with Brilliant Brows, just like last year.


Martha, Shari and Nikki sporting Flashy Lash

Here’s how it looks up close… subtle glam, right?!

Thanks Nikki for being my model! Haha!

There are two sizes (medium and large) of Swarovski crystals, which come in four colors each. Each color of crystal goes well with a specific Beyond Belief shade.

  • Metallic Jet Black with they’re real! mascara in beyond black and they’re real! push-up liner in beyond green
  • Metallic Blue with they’re real! mascara in beyond blue and they’re real! push-up liner in beyond blue
  • Iridescent Lilac with they’re real! mascara in beyond black and they’re real! push-up liner in beyond purple
  • Champagne Gold with they’re real! mascara in beyond brown and they’re real! push-up liner in beyond brown


Love the blings? Why not go all out?! Benefit Cosmetics now has a Limited Edition They’re Real Mascara, which is embellished with Swarovski Crystal! It retails for PHP 1,500. Well, this tube won’t just be for my lashes. I bet it would look perfect on my dresser.


Whew! It’s indeed a Merry Christmas already for Benefit Cosmetics with all these good news happening! Congrats to the Benebabes!


with Nikki Tiu and Jackie Gojackie-go-nikki-tiu

with Shen, Jackie and Kriskabeauty-bloggers-philippines

The new Benefit Cosmetics boutique is located at SM Megamall A, Mandaluyong City. Visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook and @BenefitBeautyPH on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

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