Who said fiber gel can only be found in mascaras? Say hello to the newest innovation from Benefit! Benefit Gimme Brow has fibers to create that natural looking brows. If you find pencils too harsh or time consuming to apply, this might be your answered prayer. 😀 Let’s see and read on my Benefit Gimme Brow review.


Benefit Gimme Brow Product Information

Bring on the brows! This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair…creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending & precision tip for shaping. Available in two shades.

• Water resistant
• Long-wearing
• Natural-looking
• Buildable


I love Benefit Gimme Brow because…

  • it has the perfect brush size!!! The small size of the brush makes the product very easy to apply, even on the inner edge of the brow.


  • I can easily give my brows a hint of color.
  • it can fill in the gaps for fuller looking brows.
  • it’s long lasting. It stays throughout the day.
  • it’s buildable. It doesn’t clump the hair strands.
  • brows look very natural.

I wish Benefit Gimme Brow…

  • comes in more shades. It has 2 shades- light/medium and medium/deep.


  • is cheaper. It’s PHP 1,300 for 3.0g.
  • comes in a bigger size.

Tips on Benefit Gimme Brow

  • Using short pressing motions, stroke brush tip along brow to define shape. Comb through to blend and build brows.
  • For the most natural look, start at the inner edge of your brow and move outward. Repeat to add more volume.
  • For those with lighter hair, use the light/medium shade. For those who prefer darker brows, use medium/deep.
  • Use a brow spoolie after application of Benefit Gimme Brow for a softer look.
  • If you want to have more defined brows, use Benefit Brow Zings or any brow powder/ pencil prior to application of Gimme Brow.

Benefit Gimme Brow Verdict

Benefit Gimme Brow is for those who are looking for an easy-to-use brow product that can give volume to the brows. I somehow have full brows, but I still love using Benefit Gimme Brow for a more defined shape. It fills in some gaps without the need of brow fillers like pencil or powder. It also helps in keeping the hair strands in place. It’s perfect when I’m in a hurry as I only need to use this product to give me a nice, full and natural-looking brows. If you’re into brow products that can change the color of the hair strands, keep in mind that Gimme Brow can only give a “hint” of color. Take a look at the photo below. The left has Benefit Gimme Brow in light/medium shade, while the right doesn’t have any brow product. As you can see from my right brow, I naturally have black hair strands. The light/medium shade on the left is not really a very light shade when applied on my dark brows.


Now look at the difference when I used Benefit Gimme Brow on my right brow! Goodbye unruly and super dark brows! 🙂 Although it doesn’t exactly change the color of the hair, I love how it can soften the color without making it look unnatural.


Benefit Gimme Brow is officially launching this weekend at Benefit boutiques! 😀 Woot! 😀

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