Before I read those fashion magazines and blogs, before I even watched makeup tutorials, before I learned about skincare through beauty blogs, there’s this one fine lady who opened my eyes to all these. I remember when I was little, I would wake up early in the morning just to watch her do her make up. Then, I would try to recreate it on myself. I think I was just around 5 years old then. In the afternoon, I would look at her old photos and take note of her dresses and heels. I would admire her runway photos and dream of becoming a model like her. At night, I would follow her wherever she goes – even inside the bathroom. I would stare at her to know how she washes her face and how she brushes her teeth. When I grew a little older, I always go to her office from morning ’til night. I wanted to learn how to be a girl boss. Yes, I’m a bit of a stalker. This fine lady is my first role model, first friend, first love – my mom.


Well, what I am right now is all because of her. Like mother, like daughter. And I want to thank her for being my mentor, for being so patient, for being understanding, and for giving her all.

Why am I being so dramatic all of a sudden? Well, it’s this video I saw online which I think is worth sharing. I find it very applicable these days, especially to all the children out there. Please, please watch it…

Now, I’m sure most of us can relate! I’m guilty of being impatient to my parents when it comes to teaching them how to use their phones and laptops. And for that, I’m sorry mom and dad! 🙁 To be honest, the video hit me. My parents taught me nursery rhymes every day, read books before I go to sleep, and guided me everything about life. Not once did they get mad or annoyed when I didn’t get it right away. Teaching our parents how to use their gadgets may not match all the sacrifices they have done for us, but it’s a way to show we care and love them. 😀


Well, just a short weekend inspiration. Something to share and remind the people around us. 🙂

Again, thank you and I love you, Mom! <3


You can also watch the full video in this link: My Father, My Teacher

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