If you’ve been seeing my posts on Instagram (@lush_angel), I had the chance to visit Sagada last week. Ahhh… I’ve been meaning to go there since forever, but it’s just too far from Manila! I’ve talked to a lot of foreigners and they love the place so much. Finally, I gave in to my curiosity! It was a long drive – probably the longest I’ve ever experienced here in the Philippines. Imagine, it’s 6 hours of zigzag from Baguio, making it feel like 12 hours! Haha! Was it worth it?


Well, if I would witness such amazing views in all my travels, I would be willing to drive for 12 hours! So, that’s a YES!!!


It’s as if the lake and mountains have VSCO/Instagram filters of their own. I’ll tell you more about my Sagada trip in a different post. For now, let me share a sporty #OOTD. Since going to the gym has been part of my everyday life, I thought of sharing an outfit that could be worn before and after workout or even travels like this!


I’m wearing my favorite jacket, which I also brought in Japan and New Zealand. Obviously, it’s used and abused! Fabric is quite thick enough to keep me warm. It’s also perfect for long drives like this. Yup, I wore this the entire time in the car. It’s too overused that I might need another one on standby in case this gets worn out. LOL! Unfortunately, I don’t see this white Adidas ZNE anymore. 🙁



Sorry, too many photos… too many emo shots… and too much craziness… LOL!


Floating can be a bit of a challenge… I need full concentration! LOL!

And of course, when you’re ready to workout, just unzip and you’re good to go!


Buwis buhay shots because…. I’m crazy like that!




Oh, and of course, Adidas Tubular Shadow is a lifestyle shoes. I don’t really recommend using it for hiking or workout, but isn’t it such a beauty??? Here’s another look wearing this pair of kicks: http://lushangel.com/2017/01/14/ootd-shadow-obsession/


Sagada definitely offers a different kind of adrenalin rush and breathtaking views! More about this travel in another post! Until the next!



Jacket: Adidas ZNE
Sports bra: Adidas
Leggings: Forever 21
Sneakers: Adidas Tubular Shadow
Cap: Coldplay

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