I’ve been seeing this new way to remove nail polish for quite a while. Well, who wouldn’t get curious with those little jars where you dip your nails? To be honest, I usually get lazy to remove my polish, especially when I have glittered polish on. It can be a little tedious, which is why I prefer going to a nail salon. And I know a lot of ladies who share the same sentiment. Well, this might be the game changer! I recently tried TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover. Let’s see how it does its magic!


TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover contains liquid nail polish remover with Melon scent and plastic bristles to effectively remove the polish from the nail bed.

Here’s how it looks like…


How to use TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover?

Step 1: Place your finger in the middle and rub it against the plastic bristles. Do this for about 1-2 seconds or a little longer if you have hard-to-remove polish on.




Step 2: Done! Clean fingernail! If there are still traces of polish, just dip your finger again and repeat step 1.



Do this one finger at a time.

TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover Review

I really love this innovation!!! I’m done cleaning all my fingernails in less than 3 minutes! It’s that easy. The powerful solution melts the polish without drying my nails. I was first worried about the plastic bristles that they might hurt or tickle the sensitive skin around my nails. But surprisingly, they didn’t feel anything! They help remove polish in hard to reach areas, such as the sides of the nail, which could take a lot of time when we use dark polishes or when we just use the usual method of cotton and nail polish remover.


What bothers me is the sanitation. Obviously, it’s not a one-time use solution. Can bacteria also build up in the solution? How many times can I use it until it becomes less effective? These are the questions that bug me, yet I don’t think it would stop me from using TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover. The ease of use got me! 😉

TenTen Magic Nail Polish Remover is available in http://www.nipponesthetic.com/ for PHP 350.

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