Whenever I think about my hikes, I always imagine the lingering scent of the forest. The relaxing scent is a stress-reliever – and this is the magic of the forest.

A few weeks ago, I was transported to a mysterious forest for the launch of Jo Malone English Oak. Should I just call it Jo Malone forest? Imagine a regular restaurant was transformed to something like this…


The moment I entered the restaurant, the scent of English Oak welcomed me and I was literally stepping on dried leaves!


I thought I was having my lunch in a forest as I could smell the woody scent and feel the crispy dried leaves underneath the soles of my shoes. The set-up was amazing and it’s nothing like it!


By the way, the restaurant did not have those fall-like trees too. Everything was done by the Jo Malone team! Congratulations!


Jo Malone English Oak

Surrender to the magic of the forest. Climb. Dream. Drift. Wander through emerald moss carpets. Ripe redcurrants, ready to be picked. Succumb to the scent of the fabled oak. Noble. Wise. Infused into two spellbinding scents. English Oak & Redcurrant. Bright. Embracing. Bewitching. English Oak & Hazelnut. Earthy. Enticing. Enchanting. Perfect alone. Or paired for a compelling Fragrance Combining effect.

“Oak is a beautiful, noble wood. It’s powerful and iconic. In perfumery you often find Sandalwood and Cedarwood, but Oak has something unique. It’s majestic and mysterious.” – Master Perfumer Yann Vasnier

I’m impressed how Jo Malone fragrances use unique ingredients that actually turn out to be really amazing. Remember my previous post about Jo Malone Star Magnolia? You can read about it in THIS LINK.


English Oak & Redcurrant

Top: Redcurrant
Heart: Rose
Base: Roasted Oak Absolute

If you’re looking at combining English Oak & Redcurrant with another fragrance, try Blackberry & Bay for a fruity scent.

Cologne 30ml – Php 3,750
Cologne 100ml – Php 7,500
Body & Hand Wash 250ml – Php 2,350
Body Crème 175ml – Php 5,200
Home Candle 200g – Php 3,850

English Oak & Hazelnut

Top: Green Hazelnut
Heart: Cedarwood
Base: Roasted Oak Absolute

For a lively, citrus fragrance that’s a little flirty, you can layer English Oak & Hazelnut with Basil & Nori.

Of course you can also layer both English Oak & Hazelnut and English Oak & Redcurrant for a fresh, spicy scent highlighted with a bright and juicy twist.

Cologne 30ml – Php 3,750
Cologne 100ml – Php 7,500

Jo Malone English Oak Review

I’d like to do my review by comparing the two – English Oak & Redcurrant and English Oak & Hazelnut.


At first spray, I thought English Oak & Hazelnut had a very light, which is my preference when it comes to fragrance. After a few seconds, it turned into a strong woody and spicy scent. Then, it dried down to a lighter woody, spicy scent — something earthy and mysterious.

On the other hand, English Oak & Redcurrant was a little strong for my taste at first spritz until I smelled the fruity scent. It became even lighter when it dried down and the woody and fruity mix is actually very interesting.

Both scents are unisex. To be honest, at first spritz, I was leaning towards English Oak & Hazelnut until I smelled the sweet fruity scent of English Oak & Redcurrant after a few seconds. But when both dried down, I got confused which of the two I prefer. Although entirely different, both have woody and mysterious scents, which I love!

Jo Malone English Oak is available in the Philippines starting September 2017.

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