When I was asked by Facial Care Centre’s consultant to try out Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy, I was not really sure what to expect. “Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy” sounds a bit intimidating. I thought, this is definitely not my usual facial treatment. Will there be needles involved? Is it going to be painful? What does it exactly do? Anyway, I took the courage to try it so I can share details of the treatment here and of course, post about my entire experience and review. Here it is…


What is Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy?


It is a facial treatment that regenerates the skin from deep within, using highly concentrated pure oxygen to deliver anti-aging active ingredients together with patented LP3 complex into the deepest layers of the skin at supersonic speed. This is done through a breakthrough process called Transdermal Application (TDA). It is the first and only cosmeceutical system in the world that can non-invasively transport active ingredients into the skin’s deepest layers.


How Does Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy work?

The treatment’s Transdermal Application (TDA) is done by creating highly concentrated pure oxygen out of the surrounding air. The high oxygen partial pressure then activates the special barrier-breaking substances in the treatment (LP3 complex), which temporarily creates small gateways in the skin so that the anti-aging active ingredients can pass through to the deepest layers.


Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy Benefits

It promotes skin cell regeneration as it delivers anti-aging benefits up to the cellular level. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it smoother, plumper, and more radiant, even addressing some lines and wrinkles in problematic areas. Additionally, the improved supply of oxygen to the dermis has been seen to help activate cell nourishment, promoting sustainably improved skin.


Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy Process

The entire process of Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy takes about 2 hours. To give you an idea, I made a short video of the entire treatment. Enjoy watching!

Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy Review


As I said in the video, Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy is the most relaxing facial treatment I have tried to date. No pain, no needles (except if you have a pimple than needs to be injected), just a spa-like experience. It has everything that I want in a facial treatment – deep cleansing with extraction, microdermabrasion, anti-aging ingridients, mask, and massage. And since it is like a 5-in-1 treatment, it costs a bit more than a regular facial. Price starts at PHP 6,000, which varies depending on the active ingredient to be used for your skin condition. It may appear expensive at first but if you add up the steps, it can come out cheaper than having each treatment done individually. Plus, we are paying for the one-of-a-kind technology, which allows active ingredients to penetrate and leave deposits to the deepest layers of the skin. This is done without direct contact on the skin – which I’m very particular. If you have read my stand regarding anti-aging (if you have not, you can read more about it in THIS LINK), I prefer investing on skincare, treatments or using machines to delay the signs of aging than getting instant results through invasive procedures.

If you are wondering, the TDA step is not painful at all. It just feels like strong wind blown in the face. Right after the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy treatment, my skin felt very clean and moisturized. It was a bit sticky at first but it disappeared after a few minutes. My skin looked smooth and bright – I did not have to put makeup on even if I had to attend an event right after. There were no signs of redness from the extraction either.

bare face right after the treatment


Although it is an anti-aging treatment, do not expect wrinkles or lines to disappear. It is a treatment to “delay” aging and not to magically erase lines. Let’s just say, you will thank yourself for doing this kind of treatments 10, 20 or 30 years from now.


My consultant said that this treatment could be done as often as every week. In my opinion, if you do not have a major skin concern and you just want to maintain your skin at the same time get anti-aging benefits, you can do the treatment at least once a month – in replacement of your regular facial. But if you have an upcoming big event, such as wedding, debut, and the like, and you want to have that smooth, glowing skin, you can do the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy every week for a month or two until the big day. Of course, it is also best to ask Facial Care Centre’s consultant about it since it all boils down to your skin condition.

If you are also looking into stepping up your anti-aging skin care, you can visit any Facial Care Centre branch and ask about Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy. For more details, you can also visit facebook.com/facialcarecentre/

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