Since I just celebrated my birthday, I got something for myself. 🙂 Well, not really for my own personal use. It’s more for my clients. 🙂


I guess one of the dreams of a make up enthusiast is to own make up brushes from professional brands. I say “dream” because one piece can actually cost a lot. A 16-piece brush set can even add up to around PHP 20,000 more or less. Before my conversion to being a makeup addict, I used to think all makeup brushes are the same. Yes, quality may be different, but makeup application and outcome wouldn’t matter a lot. Well obviously, I was so wrong. Since I thought of being a makeup artist, I started investing on my tools. I’ve been buying piece by piece here and there from MAC, but since I just celebrated my birthday, I thought of giving myself a treat from Make Up For Ever. 😀

make-up-for-ever-brushesI was able to try these brushes during my makeup school and since then, I’ve been wanting to own a set. 😀 And since I’ll be needing them anyway in my gigs, I thought of rewarding myself on my special day. 😀


Reviews of the brushes to follow. 😀