How did you achieve your body? What is your diet? What excercises do you do? These are some of the usual questions I get. Everything did not happen overnight, to be honest. It took me years and I’m not even close to my #bodygoal. I still have a long way to go and there will always be a room for improvement. It takes a lot of hardwork and discipline – not just in terms of workout, but in my diet as well. As they say, proper nutrition and diet should make up majority of your fitness journey. It is not just all about how hard or intense your exercise is. If you are not eating right, it is either you gain more fat or burn your muscles.


Importance of Diet

So, what is this “diet” I am talking about? A misconception about the word“diet” is that others think one should NOT eat. This is definitely not what I meant. Do you know that not eating can even slow down your metabolism? It is about eating a balanced diet – getting enough greens, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. You need to balance your macronutrients, i.e. carbohydrtates, protein and fats, to reach your health goals. For example: You can up your protein intake if you are trying to gain muscles, carbo load if you need to fuel up for an intense exercise, or cut back on carbs to lose weight. Playing on your macros can actually have different outcomes. And in order to reach your health or fitness goals, it is still best to prepare your own food at home. In this way, you know what is in your food and you know what you are eating. This is what I learned from the recent Century Superbods Nutrition Workshop I attended at the Hacker Showroom, 3rd Level of Fort Pointe Building, The Fort Strip.


All About Food Preparation

Some of you might stop right there because: 1. You do not know how to cook, 2. You do not have time to cook, or 3. Healthy diet means unappetizing for you. All wrong. Honestly, I can only whip up easy meals. I’m not good in cooking at all but during the workshop, the #CenturyTunaSuperbods and #SuperbodsAgeless finalists showed us how easy and quick it is to prepare healthy meals. With the help of Century Tuna and Ariston, Mabe and Philips kitchen appliances, they were able to prepare delicious meals in an hour or less!


They prepared the smoothies using a Philips blender. Just look at how fine those shakes are. Personally, I like to put in whey powder, banana and ice and blend them all together for a nice refreshing shake after my workout. In this way, I get my required protein intake, at the same time, enjoy a delicious drink.


Ariston Induction HOB and Oven were both used to cook an appetizing spread. Both use modern technology and boast on elgant designs that would make your kitchen space look fab. Ariston is made in Italy, which explains the seamless craftsmanship. The Induction HOB features the HD Flexi Zone that promotes consistent heat in all parts, while the oven has multi-flow technology, enveloping heat-flow distribution to ensure even cooking. The performance of Ariston appliances is A1, enabling the Superbods to cook their own culinary masterpieces.

casual talks with Jackie by the kitchen since it’s too pretty… Haha!


And of course, for most of us, we do not always have the time to prepare food. A good tip is to just whip up several dishes whenever you can and freeze them. Mabe refrigerator, which uses inverter technology, can keep the food and drinks fresh. For those who are not aware, Mabe has been the manufacturer of GE appliances in the US for the past 3 decades, which means we can expect the same standards for both brands.


Nadine Tengco Fitness Tips


Nadine Tengco, Celebrity Fitness Nutrionist-Chef, also shared some fitness and health tips to the Superbods finalists. Not that they need them, but there are a lot of good-to-know information to understand and take control our own bodies.

  • Nadine’s typical day starts with warm lemon water and bullet proof coffee. For her coffee, she uses carabao dairy instead of cow milk, which most Filipinos are intolerant to. (When you eat food you are intolerant to, a usual reaction is blaotness. Bloating is different from being fat. You can gain 5lbs and gain 2 inches in one day just by eating food you are intolerant to. The good thing about it is that it can be gone after a day. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, arugula, etc., can also cause bloatness. Therefore, avoid such kind of food if you’re preparing for something.)
  • Her usual breakfast is toast and egg or smoothie bowl.
  • For lunch, she eats salad without starch. Why? Starch can make you sleepy so avoid this to keep you awake throughout the day.
  • For snack, she gets dehydrated banana and coffee.
  • For dinner, she either eats salmon or other sources of protein like chicken or bangus belly.
  • Fight fat with fat, such as fatty fish (Tuna, Salmon, Gangus belly, Krill), Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Walnuts, Seaweed, Almonds, Sesame, Avocado, and Dark Chocolate
  • To fight bloatness, she drinks Peppermint, Bergamot, or Camomille tea and her famous concoction of “abs water”. This water is from boiled lemongrass. She adds lemon to it to alter the taste whenever she wants to.




At the end of the day, eating healthy is not all for the physique. It is to maintain or improve overall health to live well and enjoy life. I hope this helps!

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