I used to visit La Union almost every weekend during surf season. The fun drive from and to Manila, the adrenaline from surfing, and the sunset session by the beach relaxed me after a long week in the office – even if it meant it was just an overnight stay for us corporate slaves then. Oh, how I suddenly miss that life! The flashback of these memories happened when I was on the road to visit the newest resort in the province, Aureo. I realized so many years have passed since I last visited La Union. Finally, I’m back.


Who would have thought there is a beautiful resort at the heart of San Fernando, La Union? It is surely far from how La Union accommodations used to be.

Here is the entrance… beaches-near-manila

For those bringing a car, there is a huge parking lot in front so there should not be a problem even if the resort is full. It is safe as well since there is a 24/7 security guard at the entrance.

Aureo Resort Rooms

We were given the Superior Room with 2 double beds. The room is pretty big and best of all, it has a porch that goes straight to the pool. Plus, the beach is just a few steps away!





I have quite high standards when it comes to bathrooms – and Aureo passed with flying colors. Haha! The bathroom is big and very clean, with enclosed shower, bidet, toilet, blow dryer, and fresh towels. They have the basics, but as a beauty blogger, of course, I would still recommend bringing your own toiletries.


What to do in Aureo La Union

  • Swim. Aureo La Union has two phases, which are just beside each other. Each has their own pools. And they are kid-friendly too!

This one is nearer the entrance…



while this one is beside the restaurant….


  • Eat. Their buffet breakfast has basic Filipino food, like tapa, danggit, and scrambled egg. They also have cereals, bread, and fresh fruits. I would appreciate more variety for a buffet, but nonetheless, the food tasted good. Even the club sandwich I ordered was surprisingly delicious.


  • Try outdoor activities. Paddle board and jetski are available for rent.
  • Chill on the floaters. Who would not want to lie down on these cute floaters?! In reality, they are very instagram-worthy. Keeping them still for photos can be a struggle though. LOL! These are available for rent too.




  • Take lots of photos! Every corner of Aureo La Union is picturesque. And even if the resort was fully booked when we stayed, it felt like we were the only ones staying there. The beach was very peaceful. Most of the time, I was the only one taking a dip in the pool. Obviously, I did not waste the opportunity to take tons of pictures.



  • Lounge. Chill by the beach all day with my chips on one hand and cocktail on the other until sunset is priceless! Also, La Union sunset is one of the best.


What I love about Aureo La Union

  • The staff is very hospitable. They never fail to greet everyone whenever they pass by. Simple gestures, like this, make me feel at home. They also addressed my concerns and requests right away.
  • As mentioned earlier, no matter how fully booked the resort was, I still got the privacy I wanted. Because the place is big and there are a lot of areas to lounge, the resort will not look and feel packed. Even the beach area is still very peaceful.


  • It is a perfect escape whether you are with family, friends, or even alone.

When I used to go to La Union often, I didn’t had the courage to ask my family to go with me. There weren’t many good and quality accommodations back then. But with Aureo La Union now in the area, I’m pretty sure my family would love to go with me! Even my nephews would enjoy since it’s a kid-friendly resort.


Friends would definitely enjoy drinking by the pool or just lounging by the beach.

And I wouldn’t mind being alone here for some “me” time. Such beautiful sunsets can make you reflect, don’t you think? It is a relaxing place, away from the usual La Union crowd.


  • It is a quick beach getaway near Metro Manila. With NLEX-SCTEX-TPLEX, it is now an easy drive to La Union! It’s just 4 hours away from Metro Manila.
  • The beach is clean and has fine off-white sand, way better than San Juan’s.



  • I get 5-star quailty and service at an affordable price. I love the rooms! In fact, if not for the beach, I could stay in all day.
  • It is just 30 minutes away (by car) to San Juan, La Union. If you want to go on a food trip, the hip restaurants are nearby.
  • I get to eat my breakfast with a view! I’m not a morning person but I would gladly wake up early to see this view and hear the sound of waves while I eat my breakfast. Aureo’s restaurant is stratigically located along the beach so I always take this spot.


If you are looking for a quick beach getaway near Metro Manila, it is time to head to La Union. There is so much to love about Aureo and I’ll definitely be back!

Aureo Resort La Union is located at Luzon 2500, San Fernando, La Union, Philippines. Contact number: +632 8931111 or +63917 8225799. Room rates range from PHP 6,850 to PHP 7,500. Prices may change without prior notice. For details, check out their website: http://www.aureohotels.com/

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