Just last year, I started sharing here in my blog and in my Instagram account (@lush_angel) about my excessive hair fall experience and I was surprised with the number of messages I got (mostly from women) asking for solutions and tips on how to fight hair fall or hair thinning. Hair loss or hair thinning is often a taboo subject, especially among women, probably because this problem is more associated with men. It’s about time we change this and talk about it now.

Facts About Hair Loss

  • The truth is everyone, both men and women, experiences hair loss and it is normal to lose about 100 strands a day. But when you notice that your hair fall is more than that or your hair does not grow back, then it’s time to do something about it.
  • Each pore in your scalp should have more than one strand of hair. The key is to keep the pores alive and to let each of them produce 3-4 healthy strands. Remember, once your hair follicle has collapsed, no treatment could grow back your hair. Therefore, the best way to prevent hair loss is early treatment of the first signs.

My Hair Loss Experience

My hair is naturally thick (both strands and volume) and it still looks and feels thick. I just know it’s not the same as before. My hair fall was just too much—I could fill the drain in just one shower and add to that, you could see my hair everywhere in my place!

I then started to look and invest on hair products that could lessen my excessive hair fall. Without a doubt, they helped me a lot, but the products only work on thinning hair due to breakage. I really wanted to know the root of the problem and of course, lessen my hair loss even more.

Svenson to the rescue

About mid last year (2019), I was introduced to Svenson, a hair loss and scalp center. I’ve heard about the company since I was in my teens and I’ve been seeing their ads all over social media. It never crossed my mind to visit Svenson despite my excessive hair fall though, because I didn’t feel the need yet. A “professional hair loss centre” sounded very intimidating to me. Also, for some reason, I was thinking it would be embarrassing if somebody discovers I go to a hair loss clinic. They might assume I’m going bald. Yes, I also fell into that trap thinking it should be a taboo topic. Believe it or not, I really had to think twice or thrice if I should share my hair loss story and I was surprised by the number of messages I got from both men and women. This pushed me to be more open about it, find solutions, and share whatever I discover here in my blog and social media accounts.

When I first visited Svenson, I was even more surprised that their clients are a mix of men and women. I had that assumption that Svenson is for men— coming from the idea that hair loss is only for men. Again, NOT TRUE!

Svenson’s Trichologist, a trained and qualified hair specialist and the best person to go to for hair loss problems, evaluated my lifestyle, family history, and my scalp through a camera. This is way different from the scalp testers in salons and stores. The camera, which is projected through a television, allows us to see the condition of the scalp up-close and I was so surprised with what I saw.

The last time I did a scalp test in a store, they saw that I have dry scalp. Apparently, it’s more than that. Through the clear and zoomed in lens of Svenson’s camera, the Trichologist saw embedded dandruff on my scalp— and I never knew there is such a thing!

Although this kind of dandruff does not flake, the problem with embedded dandruff is it blocks the pores, which can hinder hair growth, weaken strands, or cause hair fall. The Trichologist then recommended I do the Scalp Corrective Treatment.

What is Scalp Corrective Treatment?

Scalp Corrective Treatment declogs the scalp of dirt and product buildup. It removes excess oil and sloughs off flakes. This can result to healthy scalp, enhance hair growth, stronger hair strands, and reduce hair loss. A package in Svenson includes 30 sessions and it was recommended that I do the treatment three times a week—so that’s about 2.5 months.

Scalp Corrective Treatment is a 2-step treatment. These are the cleanser and corrective vials that are applied on scalp using an airbrush.

Scalp Corrective Treatment Process

1. The therpaist first applies the Scalp Peeling Mask to soften debris and to easily remove them.

2. Next is scaling to slough of flakes and residue. This step depends on the severity of the dandruff. The Trichologist assesses if your scalp needs scaling.

3. Then, the therapist applies the shampoo and uses an ultrasound massager to stimulate and cleanse the scalp.

4. Hair is then thoroughly washed in the shampoo area.

5. Now the best part—cleanser application through airbrush. This feels very cool and relaxing when applied on scalp.

6. After 5 minutes, the corrective treatment is applied also through an airbrush.

7. Then iontopherosis and infrared are used to deliver ionized nutrients deep into the scalp and for faster absorption of the treatment.

The entire process is just about an hour. If you want to save time and you already shampooed your hair at home, you can just do the 2-step treatment, the cleaner and the corrective treatment application, which is just about 30 minutes.

I was able to create a video of the entire process. Watch it below to have a clearer picture of the treatment.

Results and Verdict

Of course, the most common question—is it effective? Let my photos answer that.

Initial consultation with the Trichologist: embedded dandruff on my scalp

After 2 weeks of doing the treatment (total of 6 sessions), look at the difference of my scalp.

Before starting with Svenson’s Scalp Corrective Treatment, this is my hair fall after one shower. More often, it even more than this!

After finishing the entire treatment for 2.5 months (total of 30 sessions), this is what I have been collecting on my drain after one shower.

I can say my hair fall is now down to the normal 80 to 100 strands a day.

Also, based on my consultation with the Trichologist, my scalp is now healthier and she saw some pores with healthy baby hair strands, which means my hair is now growing back!

After my vacation for over a month though, I noticed I was losing so much hair again so I went back to Svenson. The Trichologist saw a build up of embedded dandruff again, probably because of my trip. Change of weather, stress, diet and lack of sleep can cause dandruff and hair loss. I was in Europe for over a month so this probably triggered the thickening of debris. She suggested another round of Scalp Corrective Treatment and I was amazed that after 8 sessions, my hair fall instantly went back to normal.

My hair fall as soon as I got back from vacation.

My hair fall has lessened significantly after 8 sessions

Currently, I’m making the Scalp Corrective Treatment as my maintenance. I’m trying to do it once every two weeks or maybe, see if once a month is enough.

Another common question I get is this– Is it worth it? Hair thinning or hair loss can be devastating and can lower self-esteem or self-confidence. Everyday life can be affected, which is why investing on your hair is very important. Once you see signs of hair loss, I do not recommend self-medicating or searching for products to try as you might be wasting time. Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to hair loss. The earlier you detect it, the better chances you have in saving your hair. Don’t wait until it’s too late because once you go bald, your hair won’t grow back.

Of course, my treatment can be different from yours. Svenson offers various hair solutions from initial stages of hair loss to advanced baldness. Svenson’s Trichologist will give you the correct diagnosis and recommend the best treatments to address your hair and scalp problem. They offer free consultation. You can call 8892-HAIR or text/Viber/WhatsApp 0917-5014915 to book an appointment.

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