Hey loves! I know it’s been a while since my last thorough beauty review. But ever since I posted about the new Benefit California Kissin’ ColorBalm on my IG stories (@lush_angel), I’ve been getting questions on how it fares. I won’t keep you any longer. Here’s my full review.

Benefit California Kissin’ ColorBalm Product Information

Glide on this moisturising lip balm for up to 8 hours* of smooth, luxurious colour. This cushiony formula contains wild mango butter to help your lips feel moisturised & nourished. It also has hyaluronic acid to help keep your lips feeling smooth & hydrated all day.

from left to right: Nude Pink, Ruby, Coral, Berry

Pros: Benefit California Kissin’ ColorBalm

  • It has silky smooth formula and is super comfortable on the lips.
  • It is moisturizing—feels good to apply, especially for someone who has dry lips like me. No tugging.
Not too obvious that I have dry lips!
  • It is well-pigmented for a moisturizing lipstick.
  • It smells so good! It has that sweet, yummy scent.
  • It leaves a nice stain on the lips when it fades.
  • Color is buildable—one coat for sheer coverage and two or three coats for a more vibrant color.

top to bottom: one swipe, two swipes, three swipes of shade Ruby
  • It has 12 beautiful shades to choose from.

Cons: Benefit California Kissin’ ColorBalm

  • Packaging-wise, I’m not a huge fan since the cover is made of plastic. For the price, I would prefer a nicer cover.
  • It smears, especially for darker shades, after wearing for a while.
  • It promises 8 hours of hydration, but it doesn’t last that long on my lips.
  • It fades after eating or drinking, but on the brighter side, it still leaves a nice tint on the lips.

Tips on Benefit California Kissin’ ColorBalm

  • For sheer coverage, swipe once. Apply 2-3 coats for rich, pigmented color.
  • To prevent smudging or smearing, apply lip liner. You can also apply powder on the corners of the lips.

Benefit California Kissin’ ColorBalm Verdict

No doubt, for a moisturizing lipstick, it has great pigment! Although it smears and it’s not long lasting, which are usual problems with most moisturizing lipsticks, I honestly do not mind. For someone who has really dry lips, I really appreciate comfortable and hydrating lip colors. It’s like a lip balm with excellent color pay off so it’s still a win!

wearing Benefit California Kissin’ ColorBalm in Ruby

I recommend Benefit California Kissin’ ColorBalm to those with dry lips or those looking for a hydrating lip color. If you’re into long-lasting lipsticks, you can skip this.

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