My New Baby: Chanel 2.55 Medium Classic Flap Bag in Black Caviar

Finally! One of my must-have bags on my list is now mine! I’ve waited for this for such a looong time so just imagine the joy I’m feeling right now! Hehehe! 🙂 Well, for those who don’t know, there isn’t any Chanel boutique here in Manila so just imagine my craving for Chanel bags. Hehehe! Of course, there are people who also sell Chanel bags here, both brand new and preowned, but most of them just price the brand new bags unfairly! Well, a lot of them sell flap bags and when I say a lot, they are REALLY a lot. It’s just that most of them sell medium flap bags in lambskin, which is a no-no for me. Hmmm… Not really a no-no. In fact, I find lambskin very, very nice and elegant. I simply can’t afford to have a high maintenance bag. Lambskin needs a lot of care as it gets scratched right away. I personally think lambskin is not for everyday use and is not for me too. Hehehe! I can be too clumsy at times so my only choice is to get my dream medium flap bag in caviar elsewhere. And where is the cheapest? Europe it is! 🙂 Anyways, meet my new baby below, Chanel 2.55 Medium Classic Flap bag in black Caviar (or some also call it large classic flap bag)…

chanel medium flap bag caviar

kohlmarkt vienna austriaI bought her during my second day in Europe. Talking about being too excited, huh???? LOL! Thanks to our tour guide, who helped us find Kohlmarkt Street in Vienna, Austria! Oh, let me just say it’s now my fave street in the famous shopping area in Vienna. Hahaha! It’s where Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and the likes can be found (except for Balenciaga… Huhuhu!).

I was actually choosing between the jumbo and the medium flap bag because of the small price difference. For those who know me well, my instinct is always to choose the bigger one. The bigger, the better for me! Hehehe! 🙂 When I tried on the jumbo, oh dear, for some reason it looks sooo big on me! I normally have big bags, even bigger than the jumbo flap bag, but I don’t know what makes the jumbo flap look awkward on me. Most probably it’s because of the style. Thankfully, my SA was so kind to tell me the truth that she also prefers the medium as the jumbo looked weird on me. Well, I realized that my decision was definitely right since the medium is sooo perfect both for day and night. Plus, if I want to put more stuff inside my bag, I can always use my Chanel Petite Shopping Tote (since I find the size of the PST and the jumbo flap somewhat the same). I’m into big bags, but not for a flap bag. I just find the size of the jumbo too big for its style. Besides, my dream bag has always been the black medium flap bag in caviar. Conclusion: The Chanel 2.55 medium classic flap bag in caviar is really for THE ONE for me! Hehehe! 🙂

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  • Wooot, again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Will I see this being used in June? 😀

  • Lush Angel

    No! LOL! But I want to bring home something else… *wishing* Hahaha!

  • Congrats! It’s super nice! Love it!!! It’s really a must-have bag 🙂

  • Lush Angel

    Thanks thanks! 🙂 I love her too!!! Hehehe 🙂

  • WOW! Congratulations! I’ve been wanting one for a while but cannot justify the price tag. Mapunta nga sa Europe…

  • Lush Angel

    Hi! Thanks! 🙂 I’m like a proud mommy. Hahaha! Well, the price can easily be justified by bagaholics. Hehehe! It’s simply because it’s a Chanel classic. In other words, a must-have for those who are going insane with bags. Oh dear! I wanna stop this soon! Hahaha! 🙂 By the way, thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  • gin

    just wondering.. how much did you get it for in euros?

  • Lush Angel

    Hi Gin! I got it for 1,710 euros. You can also check out the following links for more info on Chanel bag prices in euros. 🙂

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  • Wonderful.Congratulations again. What’s the difference between the jumbo and the medum one about the size of this classic flap bag you got?

  • Lush Angel

    Thanks! 🙂 The medium (which is the one I got) has this measurement: 10″ x 6″ x 2.5″. As for the jumbo, it’s 12″ x 8″ x 3″, which looks quite big on me since I’m petite. 🙂

  • safia

    omg i have that bag i love it ….

  • peat

    My boyfriend bought me a Chanel Jumbo classic flap bag in gold chain from Amsterdam a week ago. It was the first bag he ever buy for me and We had such a bad experience. The lady who sold the bag to my boyfriend gave him the display bag instead of the new one from the back!! My boyfriend had no idea about Chanel bag he doesn’t even know what’s the different between the caviar and the lamp skin. She even lied to my boyfriend that the lamp skin is the caviar so he can pay more for the price. I was so upset, my bag had lots of scratch inside the bag. I went to Chanel store in Hawaii (which is where I live) And ask them if i could exchange to the same bag. Apparently you only can exchange within the country so all they can do is just clean the leather for me. So, if any of you ask someone to buy a bag for yourself. Make sure they knows a lot about the bag and CHECK everything!!! …. I just want to share my experience with my very first Jumbo Classic Chanel Bag….Very Very Upset….but I still love the bag though…but I’m very very very UPSET arghh

  • Lush Angel

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that… When I bought my bag, the SA was about to give me the one on display too but I really insisted for a new stock. But your SA is so rude and she even managed to fool your boyfriend. Argh! Hmmm… If you really want a caviar though, maybe you could sell your bag, then buy a new one. 🙂

  • Rartna

    I just ordered this exact Med/Large Flap bag and I am wondering, if this will be enough room for me. I hope I can fit all my things in there. Nobody has the Jumbo. There is a long waitlist for it. So I just got this one. I’m really small, about 5’1 in height. I haven’t received it yet, I should get it on Friday.

  • Lush Angel

    If you’re petite like me, the Med/Large should be a perfect size. I tried on the Jumbo and it looks a bit awkward on me. I bring a lot of things as well, but whenever I use my flap, I end up just bringing my mobile phones and a small wallet. 🙂 All my other stuff are just kept in a bag, which I leave in the car just in case I would be needing something in there. Hehehe! 🙂

  • Rartna

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to it, I ordered it from the Chanel at The Wynn in Vegas and I’m super excited to see it. I have a long gucci wallet and I do carry a lot of things… just hope that it fits. Do u have a photo of you and the bag? I tried looking up celebrity carrying this bag, but I think they r actually carrying the Jumbo. I’m not sure though. I’m driving my hubby nuts… I’m just really excited.

  • Lush Angel

    Wow! I’m sure you can’t wait to get hold of it! 🙂 Well, if all your stuff can’t fit, I suggest just bring your cash and cards and leave your wallet whenever you use the bag. Hehehe! I also use a long gucci wallet but I don’t use it when I use my flap. My phones alone take up a lot of space already. Hehehe! Ummm here are some of my posts with my medium/ large flap. Just click on the photos to enlarge 🙂

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  • allissa

    hi wanted to know how much u paid for ur bag i really want to purchase that same bag may be different colour thank u

  • Lush Angel

    Hi Allissa, I bought my medium caviar flap bag for EUR 1,710. But this price is last year. They have increased their prices already and it’s now EUR 2,450.

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  • babyboobs

    the bag u bought is not 2.55, 2.55 is all metal chain handle. that is classic flap bag

  • Lush Angel

    Hi. Yes, it is a classic flap, but 2.55 or 255 refers to ALL flap style bags, including variations of the original. So to distinguish the remake of the original 2.55 (double flap, mademoiselle closure and mademoiselle metal chain), they named it 2.55 REISSUEs.

  • keisha

    OMG I want one soooo bad it is one of my goals to own a Chanel flap bag before I die, and I hope that one day I can somehow afford to get one