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Kicker Kicks

I think I’m officially getting addicted to hidden wedge sneakers. I first shared my black kicks in My Kind of Casual Weekend outfit post. Then, after wearing it with jeans (as seen HERE), I realized it can look like boots, which is perfectly fine. In fact, I love it! I just thought I wanted something that looks more like rubber shoes. And so, the story of my new pair… icon biggrin Kicker Kicks

wedge rubber shoes 1 Kicker Kicks

Here’s a casual outfit I wore during a brunch event. I kept everything light and comfy.

lazy outfit Kicker Kicks

I’m taking advantage of our lovely weather here in Manila so I decided to wear an oversized sweater. I paired it with denim shorts for a relaxed vibe.

relaxed outfit Kicker Kicks

oversized sweater Kicker Kicks

oversized top Kicker Kicks

extremefinds accessories 1 Kicker Kicks

pinkbox philippines Kicker Kicks

pinkbox Kicker Kicks

michael kors oversized watch Kicker Kicks

balenciaga giant city Kicker Kicks

extremefinds 1 Kicker Kicks

red hidden wedge sneakers Kicker Kicks

sm wedge rubber shoes Kicker Kicks

extreme finds accessories 2 Kicker Kicks

casual outfit 1 Kicker Kicks

Sweater: from Hong Kong
Shorts: Papaya
Shoes: Kicks (SM department store)
Bag: Balenciaga Giant City
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: ExtremeFinds
Necklace: Pinkbox

pixel Kicker Kicks
  • Mitzi Bonsol-Soriano

    Is the shoes comfy?

  • lushangel

    yes, super!!!! :D

  • MrsMartinez

    Nice shoes! xoxo MrsMartinez

  • Kristel

    Lovin’ the top darling! :)

  • MyFashionJuice

    love the color of the shoes! :)

  • Shiela Marie Calzada

    loved it to bits! <3 a shoe lover here :)))

  • carmizate

    hi, in what SM store did you buy the shoes. I tried looking for them in SM cubao but to no avail :( i really want one

  • Ianne

    I hope you’d reply here. Also the price estimate plsss…… T_T Btw you’re gorgeous! loving your style :)

  • lushangel

    Hi! It’s 1,199 if I’m not mistaken. :) Awww… thank you :)

  • Jhaymie Lou

    Hi, Where did you buy your Wedge Sneaker Shoes? I so love it <3 Btw, I like ur outfit and styles :)) You're Gorgeous! Hope you'd reply :*

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