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OOTD: Skater

It has been a while since my last outfit post. I’m sorry about that. The past weeks have been incredibly busy- jumping from one event to another, moving out all my stuff in my pad and moving in to a new one, fixing my visas and itineraries for a scheduled trip, etc. There are just so many things happening all at the same time. Well, I’m not complaining. Being busy is a blessing. icon biggrin OOTD: Skater And to reward myself even for a while, I just came back from a very quick beach trip. If you’re following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), you’ve probably seen some of my photos. Anyway, back to the daily grind! Let’s get it on! icon biggrin OOTD: Skater

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Since summer hasn’t completely arrived here in the Philippines and our nights has been quite cool, I thought of making the most out of my sweaters.

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I paired my sweater with a maroon skater skirt to bring some color to the look.

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And don’t you just love my pair of heels?! It was love at first sight during the MMF Shoe Buffet I attended! The ankle strap adds sexiness to this pair. icon biggrin OOTD: Skater

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Now for my accessories, I used my current favorite bracelet from Pandora Essence Collection.

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I have the prosperity charm, which makes me want to wear it even more every single day. Hehe!

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And if you’ve seen my current favorite watch on my Instagram (@lush_angel) account, it’s this gorgeous Marc Coblen watch! I’ve been wearing this ever since I got it and I ALWAYS get asked what it is! Yes, Mr. Coblen knows how to attract attention! Hehe! icon biggrin OOTD: Skater So as early as now, I have to apologize as you’ll see this watch to be used and abused in my OOTDs. Haha!

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Marc Coblen deserves a separate post and I will definitely share more about it soon. For now, let me just give a bit of background of what I’m wearing. I got a chrono watch with black face and rose gold case. If you’re not so familiar with Marc Coblen, it’s from the makers of TW Steel. And what makes Marc Coblen unique is that you can actually customize the watch. You can change the straps and even the bezel to match your outfit. I can go for an ultimately handsome watch, as seen in my photos below, or I can let it shine like a diamond by changing it with my swarovski bezel (which you’ll see in my future posts). Thankfully, Marc Coblen has finally arrived here in the Philippines! icon biggrin OOTD: Skater

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For the beauty dep, I’m trying out NARS Matte Multiple here on my lips and on my face for contouring. I will be posting my review about it soon! My hair color and Brazilian Blowout is done by Hairshaft. Know more about my hair transformations HERE.

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Sweater: instagram @stylecandyhub
Skirt: instagram @RIPPLESbyJenny
Heels: MMF
Bag: Balenciaga Giant City
Bracelet: Pandora Essence
Watch: Marc Coblen

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pixel OOTD: Skater
  • Maki Yosh

    Wow! You’re so kawaii Ms .Angela! Love your whole outfit. :D

  • lushangel

    Thank you! :)

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