Chris Brown Live in Macau!

Max Payne: Movie Review


The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Just wan’t to share the song I’m sooo loving these days. Well, I actually can’t relate to the song. But when I listen to it, I just find the lyrics so sweet. Okay, maybe too mushy… but I love the melody. LSS (Last Song Syndrome)… 🙂   Just click on the link below: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script

Rihanna and Chris Brown Concert Update

Never thought TicketWorld would release details on the Rihanna and Chris Brown concert this soon. Such a big disappointment! The most awaited event will happen at the Fort open field… standing only! And on a Sunday! But why the hell should I complain right?! It’s still a back to back concert from the hottest artists around the world! I think I should…

Rihanna and Chris Brown Live in Manila!!!

Months ago I heard that Chris Brown is having a concert here in Manila on October. I have actually been receiving e-mails on ticket prices already, making my excitement even grow higher. Now that October is here, where the hell is Chris Brown?! BUT guess what I just discovered yesterday?! (Well, isn’t it obvious in my title… LOL!)

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