Who said Hello Kitty is only for little girls?! I bet a lot of women out there still go gaga over Hello Kitty stuffs. In fact, this is the reason why we have been seeing a lot of products from China with Hello Kitty on it- keyboard, mouse, wall clock, car seat cover, car mats, etc. Oooh, just name it and they have it! But imagine your make-up with your favorite icon… Isn’t that sooo cute?! It brings out the kid in you! LOL! Well, good news… One of my favorite make-up brands, M.A.C., has collaborated with Hello Kitty! Yup, yup… you read it right! So presenting M.A.C.’s limited edition collection…

mac hello kitty mild

mac hello kitty wild

Wanting to be sweet and innocent? Go for Hello Kitty Mild! But if you are feeling naughty, Hello Kitty Wild is the collection for you! M.A.C. Hello Kitty offers a wide range of color and finishes for the eyes, lips, face, and nails! That’s not all! M.A.C. also has Hello Kitty Accessories! See what I mean?! Hello Kitty is not at all for little girls only! Check out some of the accessories below, such as the Hello Kitty Plush Doll, Hello Kitty Beaded Bracelet, Hello Kitty Makeup Bag, Hello Kitty Tote, Hello Kitty Mirror, and the Hello Kitty Brush Collection!!! Finally, a dream come true for a lot of women! LOL! Thanks to M.A.C. and Hello Kitty! 🙂

mac hello kitty plush doll  MAC Hello Kitty Bracelet  MAC Hello Kitty Makeup bag

mac hello kitty tote  mac hello kitty mirror  mac hello kitty brush collection