My very first product from Kate by Kanebo is their Super Sharp Liquid Eyeliner, which I reviewed in this post. I’m very satisfied with it that I still use it until now. This is why when Kate sent me their gel eyeliner, I was very excited to put it to the test right away.


Product Information

Kate Gel Eye Liner is a waterproof gel-type liner for a long-lasting finish that is smooth and easy to apply. It comes in different shades: black, soft black, metallic black, dark blue, brown and clear.

I love it because…

  • it comes in a small pot, similar to Bobbi Brown’s and MAC’s gel eyeliner. I find the container lush-cious as the pot is made of heavy glass in matte finish with plastic glossy cap.


  • it’s creamy, making it smooth and easy to apply.


  • it doesn’t smudge and it’s long-lasting. The first time I tried this on, I didn’t expect I’d be going to an extremely hot place. The whole night, I was worried that my eyeliner would smudge. To my surprise, when I got home at around 4:00 am, my liner was still intact with very, very minimal signs of smudging. The smudge wasn’t even noticeable, which is impressive since I have very oily lids.
  • it dries up fast once applied.
  • it’s really waterproof. Even if you wash it with soap and water, it doesn’t come off.
  • it’s unscented.
  • it comes in different colors- black, soft black, metallic black, dark blue, brown and clear. I was given the BK-3, which is the Metallic Black. It has that tiny sparkles perfect for nightouts! I don’t mind using it for day wear too as the shimmers aren’t too noticeable.


  • it’s a cheaper alternative to other professional makeup brands, like Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner. It’s priced at PHP 660 in SM malls, almost double the price of Bobbi Brown’s long-wear gel eyeliner. Keep in mind though that Kate Gel Eyeliner only contains 2.5g, as opposed to the 3g net weight of MAC’s and Bobbi Brown’s.

I wish…

  • it has English instructions and product information. The text on its box is all in Japanese. Though makeup enthusiasts would know how to use a gel eyeliner, it’s always nice to know more about the product before buying or using it.
  • it’s not that hard to remove. On a brighter note, this is what we really have to deal with when we want real and good waterproof products. In my opinion, it’s always a choice between: (1) products that can easily be removed, but not long-lasting and smudges after a few hours; (2) Or products that last for almost 24 hours, but takes you more time and effort to remove at the end of the day. I’d rather choose the latter and just use a more powerful make-up remover specifically formulated for the eyes.


Kate Gel Eye Liner definitely didn’t disappoint me! Even with my oily lids, I could count on it when I’m out all day, rain or shine. It can give me the color intensity and dramatic effect that liquid liners can do, with the ease of application of a gel liner. Although it has lesser net weight compared to other gel eyeliners, this tiny pot could go a long, long way. Just a small amount of product on my brush and in one swipe, I could already draw an even, sharp and define line. Kate Gel Eye Liner could definitely compete with other professional makeup brands at a cheaper price. I love the fact that it exceeded my expectation. 🙂



Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner is available at SM department stores (beauty section), Watsons and Landmark. It’s priced at PHP 660, but they also sell this gel liner with a brush at PHP 840.