Layering. This is what I decided to wear for the Smart HTC event, which I shared in this post.


Who said you can’t wear 2 vests at the same time?


To be honest, I couldn’t decide what vest to wear that night. I was running late already so I thought of wearing the black long vest on top of the gray short vest. I thought it turned out cute. Even better, I think, than wearing them alone. 🙂


The trick to layering clothes is to wear pieces of different lengths. In this way, you won’t look bulky. Clothes would fall perfectly, without the bulges.


I also wanted to bring out that rocker chic in me, which explains my use of basic colors. You’ll never go wrong with black – white – gray combo. 🙂





Basic tank top: H&M
Gray vest: Calliope
Black vest: from Taiwan
Liquid leggings: from Bangkok
Sandals: New Look
Necklace: H&M
Knot bracelet: from a bazaar
Tote: Prada