Here’s what I wore in an afternoon coffee with friends and a dinner launching. I wanted something comfortable to wear through out my day’s activities. I don’t want it too casual though since I have to carryout the outfit until night (or maybe even until wee hours of the morning). I always have to be prepared, you know! Dinner may always extend to desserts… then to some drinks! 😀


I love the mix of neutral and bold colors. The bright colors give life, while the neutrals have that “formal” vibe to it.

Oh, and for those who frequent my blog, you’ve probably seen this colorful sheer top already. I’ve worn it differently in my On The Go outfit post.


Gone were the days when wearing shorts meant a-walk-in-the-park day. Just throw in a blazer and some stylish accessories and it transforms into chic-ness, as seen in this post as well. 😀



I made sure to choose a comfy pair of shoes that’s perfect for day and night (which explains the heels). I honestly can’t live without heels. I can go for wedges, but rarely will you see me in flats for dinners, especially for night outs. If you do, it’s either I’m not prepared or I’m sick.




Blazer: Lush Angel
Blouse: Lush Angel
Shorts: Lush Angel
Vintage belt: from mom
Necklace: Vinci
Bangle: Pinkbox
Shoes: Ferretti
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: Hermes Herbag