If you follow me on Instagram (lush_angel), my photos pretty much say how much I love food. I’m not always swayed by restaurant or food reviews because I want to discover them myself. I love trying out something new. Here’s one fact about me though… I’m not too adventurous when it comes to Thai cuisine. Don’t get me wrong, I love Thai food but I always go for the classics, like Pad Thai, Fish Cakes, Bagoong Rice, Sticky Rice with Mango, etc. This completely changed when I had a taste of Thai Bistro. Thanks to Shen, Sophie, and of course the Chef in Stilettos- Cecille Chang.


Cecille Chang, who prefers to be called the “Chef in Stilettos” is the fun, kikay, fashionista chef and owner of Thai Bistro. With culinary beginnings dating back to 2000s, she then refreshed her Thai expertise for a year paving the way to the birth of Thai Bistro, a new restaurant located at Robinsons Magnolia.


A fusion of her desire to bring good food and provide a place of comfort for times when only a good meal can console, Chang revolved her new venture into jewel tones of dark turquoise and gold with clean lines and no-fuss furniture.






At Thai Bistro, Thailand is well-represented. More than the country’s capital city, Bangkok, Thai Bistro resonates food inspired by different parts of the country- from north to south to central.

Chang shares the requisite 4S of Thai dishes, which can all be found in every recipe: sweet, spicy, sour and salty, not necessarily in that order. A principle of balance emanates from every Thai kitchen. Never simple, Thai food is never easy to describe yet creates a jumble of flavors in the mouth that is never overbearing.

Now, indulge with me…

Of course, the first thing I order whenever I’m in a Thai restaurant is Thai Iced Tea. I prefer to have my Thai Iced Tea without pearls, which you can always request. 😉


Mieng Kham (PHP 180)- traditional Thai appetizer.

I never liked appetizers wrapped in leaves. Although I eat salad, I feel such appetizer could taste too “leafy”. Surprisingly, Mieng Kham is just different. My eyes grew bigger and bigger after every bite. The leaf is crunchy and there’s a burst of different flavors in it! A must try!


Herbed Roti with Spicy Tomato Dip (PHP 190)- a must try variety. The also have Choo Chee Roti (PHP 195), buttered roti with curry dip.


Soft Shell Crab Pomelo (PHP 395)- honey roasted chili jam and basil slivers

This is no ordinary Pomelo Salad! The soft shell crab is deep fried with a hint of sweetness in it. As for the pink pomelo, it has a mix of different flavors, which is dominantly sweet, spicy and salty. This is also one of my favorites!


Prawn Fresh Rolls (PHP 310)- mustard leaf, rice noodles and herbs

Although it is an appetizer, it’s quite heavy. It can actually be part of your main dish. The photo below is the vegan version of the fresh rolls. They are nice enough to accommodate any vegan style requests.


Prawn Cakes (PHP 290)- with sweet chili sauce and caramelized tamarind puree


Satay Duo (PHP 265)- chicken and pork skewers with cucumber relish and peanut sauce


Tom Yum Talay (PHP 155)- hot and sour seafood soup

For Tom Yum soup, one order is a bowl good for one person only. You can request for the desired level of spiciness. I ordered mild, but as a caution to those who aren’t into spicy food, it’s still very spicy. Hehe! But take note, I was able to finish everything even if I was sweating already! LOL! It’s that delicious!!!


Pad Thai (PHP 320)- rice noodles, pork, shrimps, egg and bean sprouts

Thai Bistro’s Pad Thai is not all about the presentation. Although none of us wanted to touch it at first since we didn’t want to ruin it, all of us were reaching for the plate the moment it was mixed! Haha!


Kaffir Garlic Rice (PHP 180)- tons of crispy garlic granules

Garlic rice goes well with Thai dishes too!


Chiang Mai Khao Soi (PHP 295)- North of Thailand pride, chicken curry with two ways egg noodles


Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab (PHP 380)- tomatoes, onions, spring onions

Eaten with rice or as a perfect beer match!


Kha (PHP 260)- fish fillet in caramelized ginger chili sauce


Beef Penang Curry (PHP 385)- roasted pumpkin and peanuts


Green Chicken Curry (PHP 325)- eggplant and basil


Thai Gem (PHP 170)- water chesnut in shaved ice with coconut milk

I’m not into coconut milk, but for some reason, I liked this one!


Thai Halo Halo (PHP 240)- similar to our very own halo halo


Bistro Nest (PHP 240)- crispy silvers of taro and sweet potato with coconut ice cream


And do you know that wine or beer compliments Thai dishes? Next time you indulge with Thai food, make sure to order at least a glass of wine or beer to completely enjoy the variety of flavors of the dishes. 😉

Overall, if you’re into authentic, quality Thai food, Thai Bistro gives you that! This visit opened my eyes to a whole new world of Thai cuisine. Although not exactly cheap, every dish is worth its price.

with Paul, Ana, Pax, Cecille, Sarah, Earth, Sophie, Marj, Martha, and Shen


Thai Bistro is located at the GF of Robinson’s Magnolia Town Center, Aurora Boulevard cor. Hemady St. Quezon City. It operates daily from 11:00 am-12:00 am.

 Contact numbers: (02) 703-6910/+639178381696/+639231003530

Connect with Thai Bistro through its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheThaiBistro and with the chef via her Instagram account: @chef_in_stilettos.