Here are the 20 winners of Bloggers United 5 passes. Mention your name at the entrance and present your ID for identification. For more information about Bloggers United 5, check out my previous post for full details. See you all there tomorrow!!! 😀


Almira May Demition

Dannielle Patricia E Basco

Renee Jazmin Lim

Ariane Dela Cruz

Alexandrine Delfin

Juli Anne A Camua

Katrina Louise Santos

Abigail Joyce Chan

Donalyn Piquero

Christeline Sayson Rodriguez

Nea T Mangaliman

Kate B. Mira

Iris Castillo

Leira Pacquing

Cecille Capatan

Jeleen D. Antonio

Adeta Grace Garcia

Aigel Ann Serrano

Diane Camille Reyes Adraque