I had the chance to visit the newest Muji store in town located at the new East Wing of Shangri-la Mall.


Just like other Muji stores, it has the same simplistic and well-organized interiors. What makes this 6th Muji store in the Philippines special is the interesting details and texture added by its recycled wood finish in selected walls.

It’s easy to get lost in a store that has everything from health and beauty items, furniture, office supplies to food, garments and luggage, but as an expert in functional design, Muji’s store layout and visual display reflect the brand’s core values of minimalism and fuss-free aesthetics.


The moment you enter, the travel and beauty section is on the right. You’ll see all those pillows, containers, organizer kits for travel.




If you’ve been looking for a bag and container for your makeup or beauty stuff, Muji has a lot of them in different sizes!



Of course, they also have makeup, body care and skin care, which I have yet to try. I have always admired the youthful and glowing skin of Japanese women. Muji has 2 skincare variants: Sensitive Skin and Stressed Skin series, with different levels of moisture available for any skin type. I’ve also heard recommendations and good reviews about Muji Cleansing Oil as an effective makeup remover that delicately cleans the skin and softly removes stubborn mascara. I’ll definitely put these babies to test soon and update you if I have successfully achieved the radiant skin same as the beautiful Japanese ladies.




In the middle is the favorite office or organizer section. You can choose from all sorts of dividers, file cases, and drawers. As we all know, Muji’s stationery items have won the hearts of prolific writers, talented artists, kids and pen addicts.



I know I’m not the only one who loves to buy those colored pens! My friends have bundles and bundles of these pens that they collect. But the best part about Muji pens is the pen refills. No need to buy an entirely new pen. Just look for your favorite ink color and use the same plastic body. Talk about doing a small step in conserving resources to save the environment!


Towards the end of the store, there’s the home and living and kitchen sections where you can get your sheets, utensils, and even snacks. I controlled myself from hoarding marshmallows and popcorn. Instead, I tried a few of their new food items such as cheddar cheese pretzels, mini kimchi ramen and 100% pea snacks. I also found out that they now sell breath mints!!! They come in different flavors: lemon, black mint, peach and super mint.




On the left side of the store is their clothing section. It’s divided into men, women and shoes. They offer more basics, like tees, camisoles, shirt dresses, shorts and skirts, in neutral plain colors. But of course, they also have some printed ones. For the men, they have plain round necks, collared and button-down polo shirts. They also have slacks and shorts in basic colors too.




And of course, another favorite that I wish to have soon is their luggage in different colors and sizes! An add-on in their hard carry case is a knob at the back of the luggage, which serves as a wheel lock for better control.


So, am I not right when I said Muji is an expert in organizing? It’s always an adventure to visit a Muji store. Everything is packed and stacked nicely, despite having a massive selection of items. Muji surely has the forever important lifestyle basics but oftentimes I would find and discover new and cool stuff that I would end up buying… or saving up for. 🙂

Muji Shangri-la is at level 4 of the new East Wing. It is located right across Stradivarius and Miss Selfridge.