I’ll tell you a flirty little secret… It’s especially for those who want to let their eyes talk on their own. Curious? Read on…


Aside from eye-catching eye color, long, luscious eyelashes can make your eyes look more defined and beautiful! Although your trusty mascaras can be your best friend for everyday use, why not go for false eyelashes for special occasions? Ooops… I’m hearing violent reactions already! I know, I know… not all are comfortable wearing fake lashes. Majority of the women out there even have a hard time putting falsies on their own. Well, the beauty gods answered our prayers! They made it easier for us. Say goodbye to messy adhesive tubes! Beauty and Minerals brings us 3S Pre-glued Lashes! 😀


3S Pre-glued Lashes are made with latex-free adhesive strand and 100% sterilized human hair or synthetic fiber that are carefully handmade. They are pricier (PHP 250) compared to other falsies, BUT these 3S Pre-glued Lashes can be used over and over again. Each pair of falsies also comes with an extra pair of adhesive strips. You can also use a regular glue in the future in case the adhesives do not stick properly anymore. With proper care, these falsies can last for a long time. Now you get what I mean if I say, it’s a great investment for personal use. 😀

Here are simple steps on how to use 3S Pre-glued Lashes:

1. Pull off the lash from stand.
2. Trim it to size, if longer than your eyelid.
3. Apply the lash closely to your eyelid starting 3-5 mm apart from inner corner of your eyeline. Press gently across the lash holding at the ends for a few seconds.

Here are some of the different styles of 3S Pre-glued Lashes that you can choose from:



Lofty is for those who love really long lashes. First timer users of falsies might have a hard time wearing this though, but this would look great in photos!




Want that vavavoom lashes?! Charming has extra volume and length that could give your smoky eyes extra sexiness.




Sunburst is great even when used during the day. But due to dispersed hair strands, this would look more natural on those with almost full lashes.




This is almost the same as Lofty with a little bit shorter hair strands. It’s also shorter on the inner corners. Glamour has full lashes, which would look great on photos.




The name says it all- Delicate. It’s thinner compared to the other flasies. It’s great for day time use and it’s even office-friendly! Haha! It’s for those who are looking for the most natural-looking lashes.




Adorable has shorter ends and longer at the center, which can make eyes look bigger. It’s great for both day and night.


So, which ones are your favorites? Mine would be Glamour and Adorable. 😀

3S Pre-Glued Lashes are available at Beauty and Minerals for PHP 250.

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