Yes, this dress! This is probably one of my favorite gowns from Michael Leyva. I had it for quite a while. I had it made for Patty Laurel’s wedding. Since then, several of my friends borrowed this gown. I had the chance to wear it again in one of the weddings I attended last January.


On a side note, is it okay to repeat formal gowns? This is a common question of the ladies. For me, I don’t mind for as long as it’s not the same group of guests or just give spacing to when you last wore the same gown. The thing with formal gowns is that it is not that easy to buy them off-the-rack. Also, they are quite pricey. So, why not just borrow from your girlfriends for those times you don’t feel like spending? 😉

Anyway, going back to the dress. The fit and the gown is just perfect. It’s also a perfect combination of conservative and sexy, old and new. It’s a sleeveless top with round high neckline, while the skirt has a high slit. The beige lace top gives that dainty and “old-fashioned” vibe, but the cut-out back made all the difference. If you read my previous fashion posts, I have a thing with bare back. I just love it!!! 😀 It also has a little trail, which I think adds elegance. Michael also added few sequins underneath the lace to sparkle in photos. 😉





I kept my jewelries simple and elegant. For a pop of color (but not so loud), I used a peach clutch.








Dress: Michael Leyva
Sandals: Zara
Clutch: Suiteblanco

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