Most of you have probably heard about Slendertone. It is known for its ab belts that promise flatter stomach and more toned abs. Therefore when I first heard about Slendertone Face, I automatically thought it’s a slimming gadget for the face. Is it? Let me give you an in-depth explanation of what Slendertone Face is – what it primarily does, why and how it works, etc. This is quite a lengthy post, but I find it a must to include all the important information here since it’s not your usual gadget or beauty product. And of course, I’m sharing my personal experience and thoughts on Slendertone Face after months of using it. How does it feel? What difference it made on my face? Does it really work? Read on my Slendertone Face review and recommendation below.


What is Slendertone Face?

Slendertone Face is a premium anti-ageing beauty product, without the use of the usual serums, creams, and the like. It is a lightweight headset that uses low levels of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to exercise the muscles of facial expression. This innovative technology stimulates the muscles beneath the surface of the face, firming and toning them to combat the natural “sag” of the ageing process. Clinical trials have proven that, on the average, the Zygomatic Major muscle, which is the smiling muscle, increased in plumpness by 18.6% after using Slendertone Face and 98% of trialists reported an improvement in their facial appearance.

The Science Behind Slendertone

As we all know, regular exercise is needed to keep the muscles in our body firm and toned. The same goes with the muscles in our face to keep its youthful shape. But how can we exercise our facial muscles? This is why Slendertone Face was made. The patented EMS technology delivers gentle electrical impulses directly to the main facial nerve which controls all the facial muscles, gently exercising them to combat sagging of the skin.


How does Slendertone Face work?

  • Gentle signals are sent through the pads to the nerves which control the facial muscles.
  • As the signal strength increases, the nerves cause your muscles to contract and relax rhythmically.

Slendertone Face Usage

Slendertone Face has two programmes – Programme 1 Lift and Programme 2 Radiance.

  • Programme 1 tones and firms facial muscles, tightening and smoothing the overlying skin for a more youthful look and feel. They recommend using this for 12 weeks to experience the full rejuvenation effects.
  • Programme 2 helps increase blood flow, giving the face a healthier, more radiant glow. Use this programme before an evening out for a healthy, vibrant glow.

It is recommended to initially use it for no more than 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week. Use it at an intensity you find comfortable and leave 24 hours between sessions. Do not exceed the recommended usage. After the initial period, you should keep using Slendertone Face in order to maintain the improvement by using it at least twice or thrice a week to sustain optimum muscle condition.

Slendertone Face Unboxing

Slendertone Face includes the following:


• Slendertone Face Headset
• Control unit
• 6 pairs of adhesive gel pads
• 3 x 1.5v (LR03/AAA) Batteries
• Instruction Manual
• Quick Start Guide

How To Use Slendertone Face

  • First is to place the gel pads on the paddles, making sure the black paddles are completely covered. Then, remove the clear plastic covers of the gel pads. Do not throw them away since the gel pads are reusable. You’ll need to put them back at the end of your session.



  • Connect the control unit to the headset for Slendertone Face to work.
  • Before putting on Slendertone Face, make sure you have clean face without any toner, creams, or face products. Failure to do so will shorten the life of the gel pads and will result to the product being less effective.
  • With paddles facing forward, bring the headset from behind the head and below the ears, until the gel pads sit on the face. The paddles should lie directly below the cheekbones about one finger’s width in front of each ear.


  • Press and hold the on/off button for two seconds to switch the unit on.
  • Choose your desired programme by pressing the P button. Using the intensity buttons (+ and – signs), increase the intensity to a level that is comfortable for you. The intensity goes from 0-99. Increase the intensity until you are able to see contractions of your facial muscles. Then reduce the intensity one step at a time until this stops and enjoy the comfortable sensation. Note that it is not important for the intensity to be equal on both sides of the face. Set the intensity on each side that the feeling of stimulation is the same.


  • When session is done, don’t forget to switch off the unit before removing the headset from your face. Then, place back the clear plastic cover on the gel pads.


Slendertone Face Review

In terms of the unit, it’s very light and handy. It’s only a headset and a control unit, which can easily be packed and brought anywhere.


As for the experience, the first two times I used Slendertone Face, I found the feeling weird to be honest. It’s not like a tingling sensation of other electrical devices (as if being flicked by a rubber band). It’s more of I feel my facial muscles around the eyes and mouth moving. In fact, I can actually see my upper lip and eyelids twitching. Eventually, the feeling didn’t bother me anymore. It has just become my routine to put on Slendertone Face after shower at night. And because of the relaxing sensation it gives, it somehow makes me sleepy. This is why I opt to use it before going to bed.

I noticed though that I break out, specifically where I place the paddles. It’s probably because of the gel pads, but it’s not much of a problem. I just have to make sure to wash my face again with soap and water after the session to remove any residue of the gel pads. This stopped the breakouts on the sides of my face.

The most important question, does it work? Let me just make it clear that the main purpose of Slendertone Face is for anti-ageing. We all know that ageing is inevitable so as with any anti-ageing product, Slendertone Face only delays the sag or wrinkles of the skin. But it’s quite hard to say if it actually delays the sagging of the skin unless I give my thoughts again after 10 years, right? I can confirm though that my facial muscles feel tight after every session. You know how your muscles feel tight and tired every time you workout? The feeling is similar whenever I use Slendertone Face. And because of the EMS technology, which specifically targets the facial nerve that controls all the facial muscles, it helps increase blood flow, giving that radiant complexion, and it exercises the muscles. And just like any other muscles in our body when we exercise them, they get toned. It follows then that once the muscles beneath the surface of the face are firm, the skin has something to hold on to, combatting skin sagging.

Last, but not the least, can it contour the face? A lot of people have been asking me this question since the name could be misleading. Again, Slendertone is a premium anti-ageing beauty product. But because of its tightening, toning and lifting effect, face can somehow look more contoured or slimmer. Effects may not be so visible though. Honestly, I didn’t see it myself, but my friends noticed it. They thought I lost weight, where in fact I even gained. This is why I think it can slim down the face, but definitely not drastically.

Slendertone Face Recommendation


Slendertone Face is similar to a popular non-surgical treatment called Radio Frequency (RF), which uses radiofrequency electromagnetic energy to tighten the skin. Honestly, I couldn’t tell which one is better since I was only able to try RF once. But I think Slendertone Face is definitely more cost effective than paying a treatment in a clinic/spa per session. It seems a little expensive at first glance (about PHP 15,000), but it can come out cheaper in the end. The convenience is there since you own the unit, which means you can use it anytime, anywhere. Plus, there’s no transportation cost going to a clinic/spa. Best of all, you can share it with family and friends. Just don’t forget to change the gel pads for hygienic purposes. Over-all, I would recommend Slendertone Face to those who are looking for a premium anti-ageing product, aside from the usual facial serums or creams.


Slendertone Face is available in all Slendertone stores. Gel pads can also be bought separately.

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