It’s the time of the year again when the cool weather is about to end and the summer heat is slowly creeping in. This weather transition can be quite annoying, don’t you think? It’s still a bit cold at night, but come morning and afternoon, it feels like summer. I can’t seem to think of what to wear, especially if I know I’ll be out the entire day. Well, here’s what I wore recently that’s pretty much comfortable despite the weird weather these days.


This crochet top is actually wearable even for fall/winter. It’s a bit warm, so I can easily wear long sleeves inside. In fact, I bought this top with the colder seasons in mind, in case I’ll need it for my next travel. I just thought of wearing it now here in Manila on top of a tank top and shorts. Yup, don’t worry… I’m wearing something under that. Haha!


I don’t know what happened, but I’m becoming a sneakerhead these days. I always start and end my day searching for sneakers. So for this look, I paired my short dress/top with rubber shoes.








And my pop of color in this outfit is this Asus Zenfone Selfie phone! Hehe! Time to take a selfie!!! 😀 It has 13 megapixel camera in front, which is the same as the rear camera! Amazing, huh? Well, that’s why it’s called a “selfie”.



Sorry, I also realized I wanted to change my lippie, which is why I’m wearing a dark red lipstick in some of my photos. Well, it did match my phone. Haha. (For those who are wondering, it’s Happy Skin matte lippie in Hot Stuff from#PreviewxHappySkin collection. You can check out the swatches and review in THIS POST.)


That’s it! I hope you liked this style post! Happy hump day! 😀


Top/Dress: Terranova
Shoes: Nike Air Max 90
Bag: Chanel Wallet On Chain
Phone: Asus Zenfone Selfie

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