I suddenly loved you…


…CULOTTES!!! Yes, I used to hate them. When the culottes trend made a comeback, I thought I’ll never wear them again. I find the length too odd, especially because I’m petite. Until one day, somebody gifted me a pair and I suddenly loved it! I wanted them in all colors!


Well, let’s face it, culottes are ultimately comfortable – as if I’m in my jammies. LOL! They can also go with anything since they’re available in various colors. Last, but not the least, they can easily be dressed up or down.

If I’m just running errands, I like to wear culottes with flats or sandals. On the other hand, for events, a pair of heels is my weapon of choice.

Here are more photos of my outfit.




For the brow pencil I used here, you can check out my review HERE.


Hope you like the look! How about you? Are you also into culottes?


Top & Bottom: bought abroad
Sandals: S&H
Bag: Balenciaga
Bracelet: Balenciaga
Sunnies: Komono

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