Pink Sugar is another local makeup brand that made the Filipinas rejoice ever since they launched. They deliver quality makeup products at very affordable prices. You can check out Pink Sugar’s makeup line and prices in my previous post in THIS LINK. Today, I’m reviewing Pink Sugar’s eyebrow mascara. It’s really great to know that there are more quality eyebrow products available in the market at various price points. Gone are the days when the only affordable brow product in the market is a dark brow pencil! Hehe! To all the titas, you know what I mean! LOL! Anyway, let’s see if this product is worth raving about! Read on my Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel Review below.


Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel Product Information

A richly-tinted multi-purpose gel for perfect brow definition. Sets, defines, fills, and shades brows; conditions strands with coconut oil and aloe vera; tinted formulas complement natural or color-treated hair; leaves a natural, fuller look

I love Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel because…

  • it contains coconut oil and aloe vera to condition brow strands.
  • it does not clump.
  • it does not budge once it sets.
  • it has a nice medium-sized brush that helps coat strands evenly.


  • it has good staying power. It also helps in making my eyebrow pencil/powder last longer.
  • does its job in keeping my brows stay in place.
  • it is affordable for only PHP 349.

I wish Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel…

  • comes in more shades. It’s only available in Blonde, Taupe, and Brunette.
  • sets quickly. It takes a while to dry.
  • comes in tube that has the same shade as the eyebrow gel. All three shades are housed in a dark brown tube.

Tips on Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel

  • Don’t forget to wipe off excess product before applying on your brows or you might end up with too much eyebrow gel!
  • To soften the color of your brows or if you have light hair color, choose Blonde – a yellow-tone blonde. I like using a dark pencil/powder underneath to shape and fill my brows. This will also help in making the brows look natural instead of applying the Blonde shade as is. You can see what I mean in my photo below.
  • For a more neutral tone, go for Taupe – a warm brown shade. This can be used as is or with a brow product underneath.
  • If you like to have thicker and “stronger” looking brows, try Brunette – a deep chocolate brown shade. This can also be used alone.
  • Practice! Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel can be a little tricky to apply at first because of its runny consistency and strong pigmentation.
  • To apply, go through and against the growth of the hair to coat each strand.

Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel Verdict

At first, I had a hard time applying Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel because of its consistency. After a few tries, I realized it’s actually a great product for the price! It has a slight shine on it that gives a 3-D effect.

I recommend Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel to those looking for an affordable brow mascara or a brow product that can easily match your hair color. It’s also perfect for those on-the-go and do not have the time to apply various brow products since Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel can be used as is to shape, fill, and color the brows.



Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel in Blonde on my brows alone. Note that since Blonde is really light and bright for my super dark brows, I normally use a brow powder or pencil underneath for a more natural and even color. I prefer this shade since I have light hair color and I like to soften my dark brows.


Pink Sugar is available in SM Stores, Watsons, and

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