Nikon D90

For the few times I have used my DSLR, I came to realize that it was actually a good decision that Arthur settled for Nikon D90 instead of the other cameras of our choice. Though I admit that for the first few days that I had this camera with me, I kept on thinking on the huge amount of money I have invested on this. My heart sinks when I remember how much it costs. Of course, everyone knows what my first love is, or rather, are- BAGS and TRAVELING. And because of the latter, I finally decided to get a nice camera, which will surely be of great use. As day passes, I have more or less accepted how much it costs because of some realizations on why I actually need Nikon D90 over other DSLRs. Here are a few points why I’m in love with my Nikon D90:

18-105mm nikkor lens

18-105mm Kit Lens. One of the reasons, or may I say, the main reason we bought Nikon D90 is the kit lens that comes with it. Canon 450D and Nikon D60 have 18-55mm kit lens, which we find quite small. Since I’m buying a DSLR for my traveling needs, I’m definite that I’ll be using its zoom often- something I love doing. I know I can easily buy a zoom lens, but I do not want to buy any lenses just yet. Therefore, I need a kit lens that would satisfy my zooming requirement for now. This is also the reason why part of our choices is Nikon D80, which includes 18-135mm kit lens. Though, obviously, the Nikon D90 just stood out among the other cams of my choice because of the other reasons below.

nikon d90 LCD

Live View. Well, I know one shouldn’t be using the live view that often. The view finder is there for the real “photographer feel”. Hehe! So why is the live view important to me??? It’s actually because of my parents. Of course, the vain me wants to be in the pictures too! And I’m almost certain that my parents will have a hard time using the view finder to take my pictures. They prefer to look at the screen and shoot! This feature then scraps out Nikon D80 and D60 in our choices.

Nikon D90 LCD

3” LCD. Well, who woudn’t love a big LCD?! Nowadays, even the regular digital cameras have bigger LCDs.

 nikon d90 petal hood

HD Video. It’s now a new trend in DSLRs. Nikon D90 is the first DSLR that is capable of taking videos, and probably all new DSLRs that will be released in the future will have this feature already. Well, I know DSLRs are not made to satisfy both purposes of taking pictures and videos; but if there is already a camera that can do both, why not? I don’t just take photos when I travel. I also love taking videos. Though I already have a digital camera to take care of that, you can’t take away the fact that Nikon D90 takes clearer videos.

samsonite camera bag

Semi-Pro DSLR. Because of the price and its powerful features, Nikon D90 is categorized as a semi-pro DLSR. Though I know nothing about DSLR, everything can be learned. It may take time, but it can definitely be learned. Yes, it is more expensive compared to Canon 450D, but at least with my Nikon D90, I don’t need to buy a new kit lens right away, as said earlier. It’s just like I bought a 450D and a new lens, but with more features. In fact, I think it turns out to be even cheaper.

nikon d90 box

Arthur. Yes, we already know that it’s Arthur’s fault as I said in this post. Hehe! Well aside from that story, he also plans to buy a DSLR in the future. If he buys, I’m quite sure he will go for Nikon, instead of Canon. This made me realize that the decision to buy the Nikon D90 is really the way to go. Of course, if I would be buying accessories in the future, I don’t want to waste it just by buying for my own use. At least we could share the accessories we buy if we both have Nikons. Owning a DSLR is really expensive since the expenses don’t stop with the camera itself. There are just a lot of things needed… and if I say a lot, I  really mean A LOOOOOT! Purchasing everything by myself will leave me setting aside my bag collection, which I totally can’t! Thus, it really pays to know what camera brands your friends and family carry.  As for me, given all the above reasons and the fact that future brother-in-law (hehehe!) also owns a Nikon D90, Arthur’s cousin has a Nikon D60, plus Arthur’s future plans of getting a Nikon too, I’m left with no other choice but Nikon D90!

Now, have I reasoned out well enough why I went for a Nikon D90, or rather, was I able to justify my spending??? LOL! No, really…after all these realizations, I now extremely love my Nikon D90! It’s really the camera that ultimately satisfies my needs! So if you are also in the process of deciding which camera to buy, meditate and dissect all the aspects you really need in order to come up with a wise decision. Don’t just buy because it’s cheap. In DSLRs, you might end up buying and buying different kinds of accessories just to achieve the desired results. Before you know it, you already paid more than the actual cost of a high performance DSLR. Remember, you are a buying a DSLR because of the quality of photos it can actually achieve.