I’ve been using ISkin for 2 weeks already. If you read my ISkin Week 1 Results, I’ve already noticed differences on my skin. I got messages from my friends right away when they saw the before and after photos of my right cheek. Dark acne marks lightened in just one week. Now, what happened to my week 2? Read on…

My week 2 did not have much difference from week 1. By midweek, I had to stop all the creams that can cause peeling- Radiance, Skin Smoother, Renew and Cellular Repair Complex Forte- because I was off to the beach for the weekend. In fact, I was advised to stop the creams a week before my trip but I consulted the dermatologist too late. When using peeling creams, it’s really advisable to avoid any sun exposure. If unavoidable, such creams shouldn’t be used. It’s also best to consult the dermatologist on what you can or cannot use.

I did not have quite good skin for the past week. It can probably be due to a combination of my sleepless nights and not applying my daily creams. I was just left with Deep Cleanser, Balancing Toner and Sunshield. It’s not all bad though since I noticed my blackheads on my nose lessened. During the first half of the week, when I was still using my creams, my light flaking on my forehead already stopped.

week 1


 week 2


week 1 right cheek


week 2 right cheek


week 1 left cheek


week 2 left cheek


Yes, I have a huge pimple on my left cheek right now! I’m really looking forward to week 3. Let’s see what ISkin can do with this humongous pimple. I was also asked by my dermatologist to increase the dosage of Cellular Repair Complex Forte. Therefore, my mixture of Renew and Cellular Repair Complex Forte will have a ratio of 1 is to 1, instead of 1 is to 0.5. If there will be any difference, let’s see next week! I actually can’t wait! 😀

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