(Make sure to read until the end of this post as I’m revealing something *wink wink*)

Day 1 of the Dove Summit was simply amazing (see my story HERE). I’m never a morning person, but day 2 was different. I woke up early in the morning feeling inspired and energized. I even had the time to lounge by the pool area before having a heavy breakfast.

The agenda for the day was to get to know more about the Dove products that can deliver the #RealCare that Filipinas deserve. Three pavilions were nicely setup to give focus on each product category.

Dove Deos

Our first stop was the Dove Deos. Just look at how pretty the pavilion is!!!



Fact is 8 out of 10 women think twice about raising their arms because of the way their underarms look. The biggest issue that women have is underarms that look dark and rough, which is caused by shaving and plucking. To cope with the damage caused by shaving, our underarms generate melanin to protect and heal itself, but this leads to hyperpigmentation and skin darkening. In fact, we don’t give our skin the time to heal. Our underarm skin takes around 20-30 days to heal itself, while women pluck or shave 2-3 times a week.


Dove believes that a woman is at her most beautiful when she is confident about every part of her body. Underarms included. That’s why Dove Deodorant delivers superior care for underarm skin. With its unique formulation of ¼ moisturizing cream and Vitamins E & F, Dove moisturizes underarm skin making it less prone to damage. It repairs skin and restores it to its natural condition. At the same time, Dove lightens underarm skin and prevents further darkening. With Dove Deodorant, underarms are whiter and smoother in just 7 days.

Before we left the pavilion, we were all asked to write down our goals/ dreams in a piece of paper and reach high to stick it on the frills. 😀


Dove Hair

Next is the Dove Hair pavillion. Damaged hair is always our problem and most of the time, it’s caused by hair dyeing, blow drying, straightening, and even constant brushing of our hair! What most women don’t know is that even if hair looks beautiful outside, it can already be damaged deep inside and already has gaps and holes. And just like anything that has gaps and holes, hair loses its strength making it weak and susceptible to dryness, brittleness and breakage. In fact, most hair problems such as hairfall, split ends and frizziness can be caused by these gaps and holes that occur at the cellular level.


They did an actual test to show how Dove Hair Care products work. One hair sample was cleansed using an ordinary shampoo and was blow dried, while another hair sample was treated with Dove serum.


And here’s the result…


Healthy hair floats, while damaged hair sinks. Look which hair sample is floating! 😀 Amazing, huh?! Dove Hair Care Products have Keratin-Actives technology that goes deep into the cellular level to repair these gaps and holes. It nourishes and restores the hair structure by replenishing the protein it needs to be strong and resist damage-causing heat and pollution, bringing it back to health so we can again enjoy beautifully soft, smooth and damage-free hair!

Dove Skin

Last but not the least is the Dove Skin pavilion.


Ordinary soaps can be harsh and can be source of skin diseases or infections specially if we share our soap with others. Clinical tests also show that ordinary soap can leave the skin feeling rough and dry because it cleanses away moisture along with dirt without replenishing the skin’s needed moisture levels. And without enough moisture, the skin turns dull and rough. Traditionally, milk (or milk-like ingredients) were incorporated in bath products to act as moisturizers, as old beliefs point to the ability of milk to make skin soft and smooth.


The new Dove Body Wash is said to be better than milk! Well, we did the moisture test between milk and the new Dove Body Wash. The moisture percentage of the area where milk was massaged was 50+, while the area where the body was was used was 80+! Whoa! Dove Body Wash contains the innovative Nutrium Moisture TM, a breakthrough formula that combines gentle cleansing with deep down nourishment. It delivers care from within that makes the skin look and feel soft, smooth and beautifully glowing.


And the reveal, which some of you might have already seen in local television…

Looks familiar? Haha! I never really mentioned here in my blog, but yes, I’m a Dove girl! 😀 I’ve been a Dove girl for almost 4 years, doing ads and campaigns for other countries. Finally, this has landed here! 😀 Thank you so much Dove Philippines! 😀 Now you know how I keep my skin glowing. My secret? Moisturize with the new Dove Body Wash, which I use twice a day. 😉


Here I am with fellow bloggers and Dove team.


Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my Dove Philippines family for this awesome 2-day Dove Summit. From the handwritten note cards to the two days full of surprises, you guys really know what #RealCare is. Congratulations too for successfully conveying the message of what #RealBeauty is. There’s really no need to hide under tons of makeup just to look beautiful. This was really a one of a kind experience- something I never expected in a beauty event. I went home all smiles, feeling good about myself. You guys made me feel even more proud to be a Dove girl! 😀

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