Dove Purely Pampering

How do you spend your “me time”? My “me time” is whenever I write a blog post, get my nails done, go to a spa, and of course, take a long hot shower. All these help me de-stress, relax, feel fresh and alive, and get a really good sleep after a long day.

My La Mer Story + Crème de la Mer 50th Anniversary

Who doesn’t know La Mer?! It has been known to be the holy grail when it comes to skin care, especially their iconic Crème de la Mer. And after 50 years, it’s still part of every beauty enthusiast’s staple or wish list, at least.

It’s About Time We Take Action To Defeat Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer. Hearing these words can frighten us. Most of us know what it is, but do we do something about it? I guess most of us become really involved when we’re directly affected by it. But why do we have to wait if we can take action together to defeat breast cancer? Every action counts.

Hey Sugar! Hot Wax Review

I’m quite sure most of you have heard about sugaring. I’ve heard about it, but I haven’t tried – until my first visit at Hey Sugar. What is Sugaring? Sugaring is a waxing or hair removal method that uses sugar. Therefore, it’s natural compared to standard waxing, which uses chemical ingredients. Do you know that sugar waxing has been used since 1900…

How To Get Soft, Smooth and White Underarms

How to get beautiful underarms? A lot of ladies have been searching for answers to this question. First of all, what is “beautiful” underarms? Dove’s research suggests that aside from whiter and smoother skin, 58% of women said that they wanted a softer texture for their underarms. So, how can you get soft, smooth and white underarms? Here are some tips:

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