Benefit SM Megamall Opening + Most-Awaited Holiday Sets + New Bling Brow

Yes, there are so many exciting things happening at Benefit and I’m quite sure the benebabes are extremely busy (and exhausted) as everything’s happening all at the same time. Well, as early as now, I’d like to congratulate the Benefit girls for a successful year! Today, I’m sharing with you all the exciting news from Benefit Cosmetics- the Benefit SM Megamall Opening,…

Live Life To The Fullest

Live life like there’s no tomorrow. That’s my life mantra. And how do I do that? Travelling.

Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic + Fall 2015 Collection

A few weeks ago, Pixi by Petra launched its Fall 2015 collection. Let me give you a run through of these exciting products! (You might want to read until the end as I present to you the “magical toner”, which is a cult-favorite product in the UK.)

How To Get Rid Of Dry, Cracked Skin On Your Feet

One of the most neglected part of our body is probably our feet. We always use them, but most of us don’t give much attention to them. Well, maybe because we always wear shoes, so what are the chances that others would see the dry, cracked skin on our feet? But of course, nobody wants to see their own feet flaking and…

NUXE Paris Now In The Philippines

NUXE Paris is now in the Philippines. For those who are not familiar, NUXE is an all-natural cosmetic brand. Gone are the days when we had to go to a specialty store just to buy organic products. The all-natural skincare game has begun in the Philippines. Yes, you can now find local and imported products almost everywhere!

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