Happy Skin Primer Foundation Giveaway

As promised in my Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream Review post, here’s my giveaway! I made the mechanics relatively easy. Just follow the steps via Rafflecopter below. It only involves the usual likes and shares.

Sizzling Summer with Sample Room

I spent my first summer getaway for 2015 with my Sample Room family. Last weekend, Sample Room ladies and us, partner bloggers, went to Tagaytay Wilson’s Place.

Mary Kay TimeWise Body Cellulite Gel Cream Review

Cellulite is almost every woman’s major body concern. Truth is, even models and celebrities have it. There may be machines that claim to remove or at least reduce cellulite, but most of them can be expensive. This is why I was really excited when Mary Kay sent me their newest product – Mary Kay TimeWise Body Smooth Action Cellulite Gel Cream.

Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2015

Last March, Shiseido first established their International Beauty Fair. Its goal is to empower women through beauty as part of their celebration of Women’s Month. This month, Shiseido is holding their 2nd International Beauty Fair to inspire women to bring out their beauty from within.

Benefit Puff Off Review

Had a cry fest with your girlfriends last night? Or stayed up all night finishing something for work? Most of us have probably went through these and we all have the same problem the next day – puffy eyes! Some of you might have tried the trick of placing a cold spoon or cucumber on those puffy bags. And yes, it works! But Benefit…

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