Wow, time flies so fast! I’m already on my third week of using ISkin Transformation Kit. If you haven’t had the chance to follow my skin transformation through ISkin, you can check my WEEK 1 and WEEK 2 posts.

As I’ve shared in my week 2 results, the condition of my skin wasn’t so great. I had some breakouts. I wouldn’t blame it on ISkin though since I also had a hell week that time. I only had a total of 4 hours sleep for 2 straight nights and I lacked sleep on the other nights. I also had to stop my ISkin creams since I was going to the beach for the weekend. As with any skin care product, anything that promotes peeling must be avoided if you’ll be out under the sun for a long period. All these probably caused me a huge zit on my left cheek and little ones on my forehead.

When trying out a new skin care, it’s very important to take into consideration your day to day activities. If a zit came out of nowhere on your first few weeks of usage, do not judge the new skin care you’re using. Think if you introduced something new into your lifestyle. Have you been sleeping late, which you’re not really used to? Have you eaten something that you don’t usually eat? Is your menstrual period coming soon? Are you experiencing stress? All these can contribute to breakouts. This is why when I had a few zits in my week 2, I didn’t jump into conclusion right away that it’s actually because of ISkin. More so, I had great results in my week 1. Anyway, let’s see what happened to week 3. I’m back to using the entire ISkin Transformation Kit.

Here are some observations:

  • My huge zit on my left cheek flattened and lightened right away in just 1 week. Note though that I also had the pimple injected, but it didn’t completely flatten even after 2 days. I believe the ISkin creams helped a lot in flattening and lightening the zit.
  • I still become oily in less than an hour if I don’t have makeup on.
  • I have slight flaking on the sides of my nose.
  • Blackheads and whiteheads lessened.

week 2


week 3


week 2 right cheek

Notice the reddish zit at the end of my brow…


week 3 right cheek

The zit completely disappeared in a week.


week 2 left cheek

Notice the huge zit on my cheek…


week 3 left cheek

It’s now flat and pigmenation lightened.


 I’m down to my last week next week. Await for my final review and verdict. Stay tuned! 😀

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