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OOTD: ATH Philippines Launch

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), Twitter (@lush_angel), or Facebook page (lushangelblog), you probably know what’s ATH by now. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, it stands for ALL THINGS HAIR. It’s a YouTube channel originally based in the UK and has also been launched in Canada. Now, ATH is in […]

OOTD: Airplane Outfit

I took a morning flight to Tokyo so I arrived about lunch time in the busy city. I just dropped off my luggage at the hotel and off I went to look for a good ramen place. Then, I headed straight to Odaiba, a man made island in Tokyo Bay, since I wasn’t able to […]

OOTD: Relaxed

Last Saturday was a relaxing one for me. After staying at home the entire morning and afternoon, I went to a casual birthday dinner at my friend’s house. I opted for a cool and relaxed outfit since I already anticipated it’s going to be hot. I wore a sheer floral button down blouse and a […]

OOTD: Wear That Scarf

Okay, I’m not talking about a tiny scarf to wrap around your body. I’m pertaining to a scarf-print dress. To be on the “safe” side, a lot of ladies prefer plain or subtle print dresses. How about a bold scarf print on your entire dress? First of all, sorry for the haggard face. Haha! These […]

Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis Fashion

The Curtis sisters are probably on your list of the most fashionable celebrities in the Philippines. Their #OOTDs have become fashion inspirations to the ladies. It’s also inevitable that both are compared sometimes. So, when it comes to fashion, are you team Anne or team Jasmine? Well, the two actually have different styles. Jasmine is […]

OOTD: Lounging

Casual or weekend wear would mean wearing your most comfortable clothes. If you can bring out your lounge wear, why not?! But of course, let’s not forget about being fashionable. This is a perfect example of comfort and fashion in one look.

OOTD: Green and Gray

I wore this at H&M’s open house, as seen in my H&M Finally in Manila, Philippines post. The gloomy weather was my inspiration. The top is for the grey clouds and the skater skirt is for the green dewy leaves. Haha! Pretty straightforward, huh?! LOL!

OOTD: Criss Cross

Our temperatures lately have gotten a little bit crazy. Sometimes, it feels like hot summer, then later within the day it gets a little bit cool after some rains. This became my inspiration for today’s #OOTD. Long skirt + top with 3/4 sleeves can sound too conservative, don’t you think? But, wait for it… wait […]

OOTD: Graphic

This is what I wore during the Uno de 50 opening at SM Mall of Asia and the Banana Republic fragrance launch. I needed a day to night outfit since it was a day full of errands and events. Of course, the easiest would be to just slip on a dress.

OOTD: Cogito

Rainy days are here so it’s time to bring out those rain jackets, long sleeves, and cover ups. Well, it’s not exactly cold, making it harder to think of what to wear. The sun is out in the morning, and the next thing you know the rain starts pouring. Ugh!

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