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Borrowing From Your Man’s Closet + Marcia Adams’ Review

Borrowing from your man’s closet from time to time should be fun. It’s a nice twist to your usual style. I wore this when I had an impromptu lunch at Marcia Adams’ in Tagaytay (short review below). Well, it wasn’t really cold so I skipped the cover up. By the way, please don’t mind my […]

OOTD: #UnliLove

When you’re in love, what do you usually wear? Are you the type who would wear a certain color? Or do you wear a specific style of clothing – something girly maybe? Or nothing in particular? Well, I’d probably go for colors. Although red is more related to love, I reserve that color for birthdays. Haha! […]

OOTD: The Quest Is Over

My quest for boyfriend jeans and silver Birkenstock is over!!! FINALLY! Where? How? Read on! For months now, I’ve been searching for THE perfect boyfriend jeans. I probably went to all malls and shops in the metro and their smallest size couldn’t fit me! Ugh! My desperation almost led to D.I.Y. and for those who […]

OOTD: Blue Crush

I’m not talking about the movie, Blue Crush. Well, how I wish I could ride some waves soon. I miss surfing already! Anyway, I just had to use the title since I’m wearing different shades of blue in this outfit- blue skirt, blue bag, and blue eye liner. It wasn’t really my intention to be […]

OOTD: Partly Shiny

Here’s an outfit I wore when I had dinner with friends one night. I call it “Partly Shiny” because of my gold and black shorts. Haha! I paired it with whites for a clean and elegant look. To bring a little bit of color to the look, I used a blue bag. It’s not really […]

OOTD: The Ruins Bacolod #SmartMasskara

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), Twitter (@lush_angel), or my Facebook page (lushangelblog), you’ve probably seen some photos of my Bacolod trip with my Smart family. It was my first time in this beautiful city. And what’s the best time to visit if you’re into parties and the festive vibe? The famous Masskara Festival, of […]

OOTD: Dare To Wear Lace

Lace used to be reserved for special occasions due to its delicate fabric. But in the modern days, we see it almost everywhere, even as a detail of a casual ensemble. But how about an all-white lace dress? Sounds like a wedding gown, right? Haha! Wearing one on your first date might freak out the […]

OOTD: Styling A Loose Top

It’s one of those days I simply want to dress comfortably. And what is comfortable dressing? Denim, pullover and sneakers! It’s like I’m ready for some serious walking – or maybe lounging. The pullover is actually loose on me. The trick to avoid loose top looking sloppy is to pull down one side, exposing one shoulder, and just push […]

OOTD: In The Woods

A dainty lace dress worn in the woods sounds like a scene in a fairytale movie. Or maybe not. Haha! I wore this one afternoon in Baguio. The cool air didn’t stop me from wearing a short dress. I love to embrace the cold weather. And yeah, I won’t deny, I thought this dress is just perfect […]

OOTD: ATH Philippines Launch

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), Twitter (@lush_angel), or Facebook page (lushangelblog), you probably know what’s ATH by now. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, it stands for ALL THINGS HAIR. It’s a YouTube channel originally based in the UK and has also been launched in Canada. Now, ATH is in […]

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