Easy Ways to Upgrade

The word ‘upgrade’ can be a little intimidating. Whether we are talking about makeup look, fashion style, or even mobile plan, more often than not, getting an ‘upgrade’ can be more expensive and complex. Well, it’s not the case all the time. I rounded up my top 6 simple and easy ‘upgrades’ that could even cost less.

Cathy Doll Realbrow 4D Tattoo Tint Review

Because brows are life! I guess I’ll never get tired reviewing brow products. Here’s a unique one from Cathy Doll. Why unique? Well, you’ll find out later on! Read on my Cathy Doll Realbrow 4D Tattoo Tint Review below.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Mascara Review

Brow mascara has always been my thing. In fact, my first ever brow product is a MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy. It was a very popular shade back in the day. From Girl Boy, I transitioned to Beguile. Then, I never stopped trying out various brow mascaras! A few months ago, I got this Maybelline Fashion Brow Mascara. Did I like it?…

Pink Sugar Honey, I’m Good Eyebrow Gel Review

Pink Sugar is another local makeup brand that made the Filipinas rejoice ever since they launched. They deliver quality makeup products at very affordable prices. You can check out Pink Sugar’s makeup line and prices in my previous post in THIS LINK. Today, I’m reviewing Pink Sugar’s eyebrow mascara. It’s really great to know that there are more quality eyebrow products available…

Estee Lauder The Brow Multi-Tasker Review

Because brow game should always be strong, here’s another brow product review! Estee Lauder recently launched the newest Brow Multi-Tasker. It has pencil, powder and spoolie in just one product! Here my in-depth Estee Lauder The Brow Multi-Tasker review:

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