Exciting Stuff From Clinique

There are a lot of new and exciting stuff from Clinique. Get soft and clear skin, let your cheekbones pop, and make your lips kissable and irresistible – all these you can achieve with Clinique’s new products.

Yes, I’m A Nailaholic!

I’m a bagaholic, a shoeaholic, and… a nailaholic. I always want to see my nails nice, well-shaped and clean. Having a lovely color of nail polish every now and then is also a plus. And what’s an ideal ambiance to do this pamper session?

Describe Yourself: #ChooseBeautiful

When you are asked to describe how you look, will you use the word “beautiful”? I know most of you are afraid that others would think of you as “feeling” or narcissistic. In fact, based on Dove’s research, 96% of women do not choose the word “beautiful” to describe how they look. Whoa! That’s quite a high number right there, huh?! But do you…

The Body Shop Celebrates 19 Years

Who doesn’t know The Body Shop?! It has been around for quite some time now and it can be considered one of the leading beauty brands in the Philippines. And today, being a part of the SM Group of Companies, The Body Shop opened their first Shop-in-Shop concept store at The SM Store Makati.

Change Your Look Through Your Eye Color

Change your look through your eye color – and I’m not talking about eye shadow here. I meant, real eye color through contact lenses. I guess, a lot of you have tried this already, so apologies if I sound so ecstatic. Please give it to this first timer! LOL! 😀 I’m blessed to have 20-20 vision so I don’t have to rely…

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