Gelish and Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Collection

Are you still in Beauty and the Beast hangover? Here is something to get you more excited. Gelish and Morgan Taylor launched their Beauty and the Beast collection.


Happy Skin Bye Bye Blues Brightening Concealer Review

For someone who loves sleeping late, a brightening concealer is my best friend. Happy Skin recently released a new concealer with a wand. Let’s not confuse this with their Eye Need A Miracle since it is a totally different product. What’s the difference? Which one is better? Here’s my Happy Skin Bye Bye Blues Brightening Concealer review:


Start Your Fitness Game Using Philam Vitality Active Mobile

Right after my hike in Nepal, I realized that I need a change of lifestyle. I remember how much I wanted to be just like the old men and women in that hiking trip. I felt ashamed of myself seeing how stronger they were. As soon as I got back, I started with my fitness journey.


Fast forward to today, I’m thankful that I’ve developed the habit of exercising and it’s now part of my lifestyle. A lot of my friends are still surprised of the sudden change. A lot of people have been asking how I started so that they can find a motivation for themselves too. Well, this Philam Vitality Active Mobile app could be the answer!


M.A.C. Shadescents

M.A.C. has always been known for their makeup. When new lipstick shades are released, you literally have to rush to their store or you mind end up devastated because they’re already out of stock. Their iconic shades sell like pancakes and we all know why – they’re GORGEOUS! Now, what if I tell you M.A.C. just launched six new perfumes inspired by their most iconic lipstick shades??? Yup, yup! Check them out:


Pink Makeup Look Tutorial

Don’t be afraid to wear pink makeup – I remember posting about this a couple of months ago. So after trying out pink blushes, are you ready to take a step further? Let’s go all out! I created a makeup look using pink eye shadows and pink lipstick. Wait, before you react, let me show you how it looks…


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