Happy Skin Liquid Matte Lipstick Review

Admit it, we just can’t get enough of matte liquid lipsticks! Recently, Happy Skin released their own version, which is part of their Glam Squad Collection. You can see the full collection with swatches and prices in this link: http://lushangel.com/2016/08/25/happy-skin-glam-squad-collection-swatches-prices/. I’m quite sure most of you are interested to know more about the matte liquid lipstick. Here’s my Happy Skin Liquid Matte Lipstick Review!

happy-skin-glam-squad-liquid-matte-lipstick (more…)


Can one make a difference? Clinique believes it can!


Recently, Clinique announced its new global campaign: Difference Maker. The mission of the Difference Maker campaign is to inspire confidence in women and empower them to make a difference in the world, either in their community or in their personal life.


Gadgets Of The Month

Sharing the gadgets of the month of Beyond the Box and Digital Walker!

Mophie Juice Pack Reserve

Gone are the days when having sufficient power supply means lugging around heavy external batteries. The Mophie Juice Pack Reserve promises to do the heavy lifting for you as a compact battery case that provides the protection and power you need all in one package. Created with the design conscious millennial in mind, the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve boasts a distinctly thin and lightweight design that adds only .3 inches to your phone and weighs less than 3 oz.

Mophie-Juice-Pack-Reserve (more…)

Adidas Neighborhood Now In Manila

A few weeks ago, adidas Neighborhood finally opened in Manila, with its flagship stores at Uptown and Glorietta. When I learned about its launch, I knew I could not miss it – even if it means welcoming my birthday at the event!


Happy Skin Glam Squad Collection: Swatches + Prices

I’ve always wished I have my own professional makeup artist to glam me up everyday. Well, well, well… I think my dream has (sort of) come true. Happy Skin wants us to get that “celebrity makeup experience” as they launched Happy Skin Glam Squad Collection, a full line of beginner-friendly, yet pro-level makeup products that were developed together with Filipino makeup masters Juan Sarte, Denise Go-Ochoa, Mickey See, and Jigs Mayuga.


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