OOTD: Jumper Trend

I’m not the type who would wear a jumper. I find it cute, but it’s not just my style. But this doesn’t mean I would completely forget about wearing a jumper. How about a “semi-jumper” dress?


Tommy’s Spook-Tacular!

Tommy’s spook-tacular and ready for Halloween!!! He just had his grooming recently at Pooch Park.


Clinique Pep-Start

Not everyone has the time to follow a skincare ritual. A lot of my friends don’t have the patience to do a day and night skincare regimen (ehem… you know who you are girls! LOL!) Well, I also prefer multi-tasking products (both for skincare and makeup) especially on days when I’m in a rush or whenever I travel . And Clinique understands all our concerns very well that’s why they launched a new line, Clinique Pep-Start.


Clinique Pep-Start is designed for the fast-paced go-getter who greets every day with optimism! With a little ingenuity and “practical magic,” she’s ready for anything. Pep-Start promises to make you look fresh and gorgeous 24/7! Here are the Pep-Start multi-taskers:


Tony Moly Ferment Snail Eye Cream Review

First signs of ageing can be seen around the eye area; therefore investing on a good eye cream is a must! I’ve tried a couple of Tony Moly Ferment Snail products, which is one of the premium lines of the brand. So far, I’m loving them and they have been part of my skincare ritual. You can find my other reviews here: TONY MOLY TIMELESS FERMENT SNAIL TONER REVIEWTONY MOLY FERMENT SNAIL SUN CREAM REVIEW, and TONY MOLY FERMENT SNAIL LIP TREATMENT REVIEW. Today, I’m sharing my Tony Moly Ferment Snail Eye Cream Review.


Tips On How To Look Fresh All Day

“You look stressed.” This is probably one line I dread hearing. I even found this amusing video that talks about All The Wrong Ways To Ask Someone, “Stressed Ka Ba?” (check it here: http://bit.ly/rustressed). Yes, I get it… there are days I don’t look my best. Whether it is stress from work, family, or whatever we are going through, the sad fact is no matter how much we hide it, it radiates in our appearance. Admit it, we all had those “haggard” days. I’m sure. But what’s my secret on how to look fresh all day? I really try to look stress-free as much as possible and I think (I hope) I’ve been doing a pretty good job. In case you haven’t noticed in my posts, I always go for the “fresh look” and most of the time, I get the question “how do you do it”. So today, I thought it’s about time to share some of the things I do to get that fresh, stress-free glow.



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