OOTD: Boy Meets Girl

The boy meets girl. I’m not talking about the brand. I just thought of it while browsing through the photos of this #OOTD. First, it’s because masculine and feminine pieces were put together for this look.

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How To Clean Pandora Bracelet

Don’t you love it when brands offer after-sales service? I really appreciate it when stores take care and value their clients. And I have to commend Pandora for being one of those brands. They offer free lifetime cleaning for their Pandora bracelets. I’m not so sure though if this service is offered in other countries or for their other accessories. I just recently knew about this when I inquired in one of their stores here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, they had to stop this free service during the Christmas season because of the huge number of clients going in and out of their stores. After not being able to wear my Pandora bracelet for months, it tarnished. I needed to clean it badly so the SA in Pandora taught me how. Apparently, the more you keep your Pandora bracelet, the more it will tarnish. Well, don’t worry! Your money wasn’t put to a waste. The good news is you can clean it and make it look new again. Here are steps on how to clean your Pandora bracelet.



Flossy Style From Spain To The Philippines

Summer is definitely nearing when you’re starting to see comfy and colorful footwear! Didn’t I excite you when I posted the photo below on my Instagram (lush_angel), Twitter (lush_angel), and Facebook page (facebook.com/lushangelblog)? :D Well, you should be! Flossy, a Spanish footwear brand that landed in the Philippines late last year, just launched their Spring/Summer 2015 Collection! :D

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My Papal Visit Experience

When I learned about the papal visit several months ago, I honestly did not pay too much attention to it. I admit, I was too preoccupied with work. My mom even asked me to book a hotel near Rizal Park, where Pope Francis held his concluding mass. Yes, I regret not paying attention to my mom a few months back. I crammed a week before, but obviously, there were no rooms available in nearby hotels anymore. The day before Pope Francis arrived, I was having mixed emotions- excited (for his visit), agit (for not knowing what to do to see him), helpless (because I feel I do not have the chance to see him considering the millions of people who would go out of their way just to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis).

Let me share a quick story why I really wanted to see Pope Francis. Back in 1995 when Pope John Paul II visited Manila, my family and I joined millions of people at Rizal Park to celebrate World Youth Day. I was young. I didn’t care much. I didn’t understand what was going on. All I wanted at that time was to go home – that’s what I remember. One night, on our way back home, we noticed several cars parked along EDSA Mandaluyong. My mom told my dad to stop as well, thinking Pope John Paul II’s popemobile would pass by. I didn’t even want to go down the car because I was too sleepy. My mom had to drag me and cross EDSA to go to the center island. A few minutes later, the popemobile was nearing. It was the longest 3 seconds of my life. I was waving at Pope John Paul II and called his name. He looked at me and did the sign of the cross. I suddenly felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I saw my dad, mom, and sister crying as well. As we walked back to the car, I was still having goosebumps. The feeling is just unexplainable. I can clearly remember every millisecond of that encounter with the pope. The joy in my mind and in my heart is beyond imagination that I couldn’t even express them into words. Whenever I try to describe that feeling, it’s always an understatement. Some of you may be puzzled already, but I guess those who had the same “moment” with the pope would understand. Even I can’t explain it. And believe it or not, I’m crying right now as I write this down. That 3 seconds gave so much impact in my life and in my faith. This is the reason why I wanted to see the pope again. Every time I visit Vatican with my family, I’ve always wished the pope would look out of the window even for a while, which he does from time to time.



Benefit Lolli Tint Review

Tints and creams are the best if you want natural blush on your cheeks. The common problem though is its staying power. It disappears quickly, especially if you have oily face or if you live in a place with hot and humid weather. What if I tell you that there’s now a “waterproof” tint available in the market?! It’s one of Benefit’s iconic tints! How is it? Read on my Benefit Lolli Tint Review.

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