Sample Room Official Media Launch

Last week, Sample Room, the first beauty and lifestyle sampling website, held their official media launch at Balay Indang, Cavite. This also served as the annual get together of the partner bloggers, which I always make it a point to go. When I got the invite, I really made a way to free up my entire day. It’s always fun catching up with friends, which I also consider as family, in this beauty industry. Also, this event is actually a huge milestone for my Sample Room family. I’ve been with them since they started in 2012 and it’s really amazing how they get bigger and bigger each year. For those who are not yet aware what Sample Room is and how it works, you can see my post about it here:

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Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder

I never fail to mention here in my blog how oily my skin is. It’s like a daily battle that I have to go through. Although, as they say, those who have oily skin should be thankful since skin won’t age fast. This is why I learned to accept and love my skin. Besides, there are a lot of products that can help control oil. Unfortunately, not all are really effective. Recently, I saw this Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder. I thought of giving it a shot. Did it work? Read on my Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder Review below.

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Belo Baby Cologne Review

I can still remember when I was in grade school how much I loved going to department stores or groceries asking my mom to buy me a small bottle of cologne – all the time. I think it was my guilty pleasure when I was a kid. As I grew up, my taste became more mature. I learned to reach bottles of perfume more often. But it doesn’t mean I completely said goodbye to baby colognes. With our hot and humid weather here in the Philippines, I still prefer the light, watery, fresh feel of cologne especially when I’m all sweaty from outdoor activities.

Recently, Belo released colognes from its Belo Baby line. The Belo Baby Cologne comes in three scents: Happy Tickle, Cool Drizzle, and Sweet Snuggle.


Bloggers United x Passion Fly Bazaar

As summer comes to an end, Bloggers United continues their mission to bring together your favorite fashion bloggers in one venue this May 28, 2016, from 10am to 7pm, at Green Sun Hotel, Makati. Yes, time to shop our closets once again!

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Tony Moly Ferment Snail Lip Treatment Review

No matter how gorgeous your lipstick, it won’t be a head turner if you have dry lips. And this has always been my problem. I have extremely dry lips despite drinking gallons and gallons of water. This is why I’m always willing to try various lip treatments. Here’s one I saw from Tony Moly recently. It’s from their Ferment Snail line. If you remember, I reviewed their sunblock from this line as well. You can read my full review here: I got curious that they also have a lip treatment with ferment snail extract. Did it work on my dry lips? Read on my Tony Moly Ferment Snail Lip Treatment Review below.

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