One Earth Organics Skincare: Pinoy Organic Products

To those who are into organic and all-natural skincare products, rejoice as more and more options are coming in. Today, I’ll share with you my recent discovery, One Earth Organics Skincare, and their best-selling products.

About One Earth Organics

One Earth Organics was born in 2013 out of a need for a finer and more natural approach to skincare. Frustrated with the harmful chemical-based products available in the market and the lack of alternatives, Tyfannie Short took her cue from the global shift towards greener living and began a skincare revolution by using only plant based formulas and the most potent certified organic and natural ingredients in all of One Earth Organics’ products.


One Earth Organics Best Sellers

One Earth Organics products range from body care to skin care. What I noticed about their products is that a lot of them are multi-purpose. Their soaps and serums can be used for the body and the face. Here are just two of their best sellers:

One Earth Organics Underarm Therapy Set

(PHP 1,440)

One Earth Organics Underarm Therapy Set is a 3-step treatment to lighten underarms. It is said to reduce chicken skin and to lighten, protect, cleanse, and moisturize underarms — minus the harmful chemicals. Now, did I just get your attention there??? HA! Let me share more deets about this…



OOTD: Serial Outfit Repeater

I’m a serial outfit repeater. So what? Who said you can’t be seen in the same clothes?



Jo Malone English Oak Review + Prices

Whenever I think about my hikes, I always imagine the lingering scent of the forest. The relaxing scent is a stress-reliever – and this is the magic of the forest.

A few weeks ago, I was transported to a mysterious forest for the launch of Jo Malone English Oak. Should I just call it Jo Malone forest? Imagine a regular restaurant was transformed to something like this…


The moment I entered the restaurant, the scent of English Oak welcomed me and I was literally stepping on dried leaves!


I thought I was having my lunch in a forest as I could smell the woody scent and feel the crispy dried leaves underneath the soles of my shoes. The set-up was amazing and it’s nothing like it!


By the way, the restaurant did not have those fall-like trees too. Everything was done by the Jo Malone team! Congratulations!



Fashion 21 Defining Lip Liner Review

One makeup product that’s not given much attention is lip liner. To be honest, it is only recently I’ve been into it as well. I used to just add lip liner in my makeup routine for special occasions until I realized its benefits– lip color lasts longer, prevents lipstick smearing, and hides lip lines. I recently tried an affordable lip liner. Here is my in-depth Fashion 21 Defining Lip Liner Review:




DND. Do not disturb.



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